Analogue camera physical dimensions

I have a Source One V5 frame which has a 19mm space to fit a camera. Looking around, there are lots of different sized cameras, so my questions are:

Do I need to buy one that fits or can you get adapters to fit? I’ve found a 14 to 19 mm adapter, but there seems to be other size cameras available.

Does size make a difference apart from weight (which isn’t a selection criteria for me)?

Generally, 14mm is a nano camera, 19mm a micro camera. It’s hit and miss if the camera comes with adaptors, but all it takes is some rubber washers and longer screws.

The micros tend to have a better image than the nano, but not always. Again, depends on the camera.

Digital is a little different in some circumstances. The height and some have 2 screw holes either side.

A 3d printer really helps here. But there’s guys here who can help if you need an adaptor printing :+1: sell a full range of adaptors :+1: