Anamorphic lens

Could be interesting…


Saw that only yesterday and agree does look interesting. The lens can also be mounted on a mobile phone with the specific phone case, and they (Moments) are providing a range of ND filters too.

Very interesting. I wondered when it was going to happen. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting an anamorphic lens for my iPhone, but it’s a lot of money for something that I probably wouldn’t use very often, I mean, how many of us get the chance to make a feature film?

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Just resurrecting this thread to ask… has anybody used one of these yet? $200 is a lot of dosh. It does look nice, but so does a basic letterbox on FCPX :thinking:

Not used - but the “Moment” people linked to in the OP have gained a significant following - even by reputable professional videographers.
They make some impressive kit.


I ended up buying a Ulanzi anamorphic lens for my phone and the quality is pretty good. It is quite different to just cropping to a wide format. It was about 50 quid. Now if they would only make one for the Mavic.


I seem to recall Moment do make one for the M2P.

I believe they do, but it’s expensive. I was hoping to mod mine but it would be a bit too heavy for the gimbal motors.

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OMG! £27 But not for the M2Z.

Three lenses at that price? I can anticipate the quality.

The results of being on wide and cropping would be far better.

Sweet wrappers ;o)

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I was quite pleasantly surprised by my Ulanzi. But it weighs 30g.

That cost £9 (per lens)?

There’s no point trying to compete with China in manufacturing!

That’s the one I was looking at last night.

Was very tempted for a while, but decided to walk away from it after seeing a few review videos where they found that putting one of the (bespoke) filters on meant the slightest of winds caused the gimbal to overload and bork. Not often we get perfectly still days here, and even if we did would I really want to run the gimbal right on the edge of a motor overload all the time?

Also, the drone has to power on and run through the gimbal check before mounting it, so you need to take it off for every battery change. Then, once it’s mounted (i.e. every time you change the battery) you have to do a full gimbal calibration before flying.

The final thing that made me back away was the lens flare. The marketing videos from Moment all look amazing with great, cinematic shots. Then I saw a couple of review videos where they used their own footage and the lens flare is… well, it’s really not to my taste. Big, blocky chunks of reflected light hanging about obscuring most of the shot.

(from Moment Drone Anamorphic Lens REVIEW - YouTube)

I’m sure it’s just knowing how to get the best from it, but I wouldn’t know how.

I can well imagine flying it a few times thinking I was going to be the Michael Bay of drones, then editing the footage up and just feeling really disappointed. Wouldn’t take me long to relegate it to the kit bag.

All that said, I’d probably give it a punt anyway if it wasn’t 15% of the price of a new Mavic 2 Pro (plus another £150 for a reasonable selection of their filters).