And the mavic pro takeover continues!

Hi all love my mavic pro platinum ! best purchase i have ever made! Also getting friends hooked,1 has just purchased,1 is going to in the next few days! yay,local flying buddies,should be great days out and a lot of fun!Thank you DJI…

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Be sure to tell them about Grey Arrows :wink:

Hiya pingspike,will do that for sure,that’s a given::smiley::smiley:PS,love this forum and all the people on here that make it what is.Happy flying,and thanks for the invite,couldn’t have done it without yer:grinning::grinning::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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When people think of drones and haven’t done any real research into them they either think of little toys or the bigger Phantom’s. I took my Mavic Air into work to show some of the guys, two were seriously considering getting one as they couldn’t believe the size and the build quality as well as the quality of footage, and a third went out and bought one the following day.

Keep spreading the word :smiley:


I showed my mate mines yesterday OOh Er missus, and he was Gobsmacked at the distance VLOS of course…lol and the footage and photo quality. that and it all goes in a wee bag about the size of a half loaf…(scottish term)…lol

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