Android 12 upgrade, problem with any apps?

My phone has started pestering me to upgrade to Android 12.

I’ve had a search through the forum and picked up on some issues mentioned about DJI apps and Android 12 last year.

Does anyone know what the current situation is before I upgrade ?

I use the following for various aircraft
DJI Pilot
DJI Fly, DJI Go 4 (not really used since I bought Litchi)

Thanks in advance

Android 12 was released 4 months ago, and it would be fair to say that a large number of the members that have to have the latest phones would be moaning about it currently, if there were issues.

Best use it before Android 13 starts to bite in 6 months time.

Not that I’ve updated my dedicated drone-phone in the last 3 years… or ever connect it to the outside world. #IfItAintBrokeDontFixIt


Go 4 you need to download the app from the dji website for it to work. Litchi just update o goggle play.
Just had to do it on my new phone.
Drone deploy, no problem.

If it works for you now, don’t bother… just as OzoneVibe. I have a dedicated, no sim phone for use with my DJI Mini 2, it’s a Samsung Galaxy s6 bought refurbished and NEVER had any problems. Every newly released piece of software and hardware, will have it’s issues and so as I say, if what you have is working fine now, unless it forces you to upgrade, leave well alone.

He’s asking about updating to Android 12 and whether it will cause any problems. Pretty sure he knows how to download the relevant software… One things though, if you use third party apps (such a Litchi) to fly a DJI drone, remember that DJI do not support such third party apps

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Er!! yes I knew that. I was saying for them to work on 12 these were the ones tested. And for go 4 the play store version doesn’t work on android 12 but the one from the dji website does.

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Well, I upgraded to Android 12.


As predicted, the older DJI apps already installed would not work, but DroneDeploy, Litchi were fine.

Downloaded the latest DJI Fly (1.5.9), Pilot (2.4.17) and Go 4 (4.3.46) versions from the DJI website.

I can report that those DJI Fly and Go 4 versions worked fine, however the DJI Pilot version did not (i.e. wouldn’t start)