Another 1 dead

Ok, crashed my mini whoop yesterday tried fired it up today starts up ok but once you open the taps it stops and starts bleeping :man_facepalming:t3:

Iv checked the AIO and the is nothing obvious, but I’m taking it into work tomoz as the occupational nurse has 1 of those mahoosive magnifying glasses with a light in …

Has anyone experienced this kind of issue ??

Could be a number of things.
Loose wire thats aggravated on a punch
Bad gyro
Esc over current
etc etc
Need more evidence - osd, video etc

Ok, well gave it a good coat of looking at via the magnifying glass and couldn’t see anything wrong with the AIO.

What I might do is hook it up to Betaflight and test each motor, other than that not sure what other diagnostics you can run in BF ???

Your description sounds like a supply problem.

If you were to try using a battery that had been discharged beyond the safe level and attempted to throttle up, the 5Volt rail would drop causing the receiver to brownout and the quad go into failsafe.

Things to check with the props off.

Check the output voltage of the battery when throttling up.

Check the output of the 5Volt regulator when throttling up. If the input to the voltage regulator falls below a certain level it switches the output off. This would result in a momentary power down of the receiver and the flight controller.

Also look at the battery lead connections. In the crash they may have been cracked. They might be able to handle the very low power requirements of the quad when idle but not the increase in current requirements when “the taps” are turned up.

Well after a cleaning and rebuilding plus a new canopy the mini whoop is back in the air.

As to what the issue was no idea​:man_shrugging:t2:, probably a loose connection or something :thinking:.

Anyhow thank you all for the support, and a big :+1:t3: for all us drone/fpv flyers as I was able to help some PCO’s ( i think thats what you call them ) as there was/is an old lady gone missing.

I was out in the Kedleston area when approached and I offered to surch round as its a large area to cover on foot …

Not sure if she has turned up but they said she’s been missing for 24 hours now :frowning: and has alzheimer’s …


Good to hear.

I had a similar experience with a similarly sized quad, a 115 size Twig. I took a dive into to moist ground and once retrieved I found that even though the LED’s on the flight controller were lit I had no RC connection and no video. As it was an AIO board with a SPI receiver my warped logic assumed that the 5Volt and/or 3.3Volt lines had gone down. As I’d bought a bunch of batteries for it and didn’t want them to go to waste I purchased the same quad again as it was still on special offer.

A few days later the replacement arrived and so I set upon the original quad to see what I could salvage for spares. But paint my nipple nuts and send me to Alaska the bloody thing was working again. All I can think of was there was sufficient contaminant on the board to short the supply rails to ground but with a high enough resistance as not to damage the regulators.