Another drone born

Yep! M2p got delivered today, jessops still waiting for flymore kit and smart controler?
So spent a bit of time setting her up, no updates needed:slightly_smiling_face: but looking at the controls it seems a bit odd to me as in push forward to go up and back to descend ??
Being a private pilot and lifelong aviation enthusiast ‘that’s just wrong’ even my flight sims you pull back to ascend and push forward to descend, do any of you guys reverse/ change the keybindings for the controllers?
Spent a long time just playing with camera it’s cool! Might even get her in the air tomorow :smile: then see if I can get a few shots for this compo thingy:grin:

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Yes have a look at control method in settings

You can make it do what you want

But in answer to the question, it’s how RC has been forever

Ah but you are not controlling a plane now, it’s the throttle not the pitch. And in your flight Sims I bet the throttle isn’t controlled by the stick. I understand your frustration on this but as I recently explained to a new flying friend, who changed his phantom to mode 1, it’s better for him to learn in mode 2 as most fly in mode 2, so that if he ever borrows a drone from someone else, or has to take over in an emergency then he will fly without the added pressure of trying to change the way his mind thinks the sticks should be. Hence why all cars have right to left Accelerator Brake Clutch ( ABC) even on cars with the steering wheel on the wrong side😁

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Ah yeh, I suppose I can live with that,
I see your point.:slightly_smiling_face:
As for my flight sims, quite often dual joystick and pedals for control :wink:

Hi Rob,
Hope you and you “New Born” will be happy together.
Change its “Nappy” (battery) regularly, feed it a few volts and I am sure you will both be happy !.
Seriously, it’s a great drone and is very easy to fly, if you need any advice, there are plenty of us M2P owners to steer you right !.
Happy Flying !.