Another filter question


Hi Everyone,

On a previous post I received good advice about filters, particularly with reference to a beach holiday in sunny Florida, suggesting that I might need to go as high as an ND32 filter.

Anyway, I’m looking at my options now prior to buying.

Question 1 - do these filters screw on to the lens, or do they push on (or is it dependant on manufacturer ?)

Question 2 - Polarising filter - is that absolutely necessary (seems a bit of a faff if I don’t need it) I understand it will make the water clearer, but if I’m using ND filters, is it desirable or necessary ?

Brands - is it a case of “you get what you pay for” PolarPro standard vs cinema etc ?

Any help gratefully received.




Which model drone?


Necessary … No
Desirable … Depends if you prefer the result that can give.
Faff … They can be a bit
But if I’m using ND filters … you don’t use both at the same time … and the CPL is usually equivalent to about an ND4 as far as effect on exposure

The “faff factor” stops me using them, usually.

You don’t need ND for stills … and since DJI decided we can’t take stills simultaneously with video … I really find them a pain. (One flight for video, one for stills.)

CPL can be useful, but for optimum effect they need to be correctly aligned. Luckily water is always level, but for their other colour-enhancing/haze-reducing uses their alignment depends on relative sun angle, and for a drone this constantly changes.

Always decide where your priorities lay along the “Having a relaxed holiday <-> Creating a video masterpiece” spectrum … and chances are its more the holiday and capturing some memories = filters are a faff too far.


Sorry, Mavic Air


They just screw on the front. It’s personal choice really. I pretty much always use them, especially somewhere sunny.