Another fish farm

I’m sure you love me whingeing on about fish farms so here’s my latest video, and still nobody spotted me!


Was just reading your update this morning and watching these on the site. It’s pretty disgusting the way they treat both the fish and the environment, and I imagine not something they’re used to people seeing. The power of the drone, eh?

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Exactly Joe. It’s all kicking off now. We’ve been pressing the head man of SEPA to do something about the pollution and getting nowhere. This morning we found out his brother in law works for a big fish farming company! Couldn’t make it up.

Thanks for watching them. I think I’m getting better at using both sticks at once, and I actually enjoy flying over the water! I hope they don’t keep shotguns on fish farm barges!


No need to make it up. Happens all the time. When Dr. Beeching produced a report that ripped the rail industry apart the motorway building programme increased, spearheaded by the family construction firm of the then Minister of Transport

Endangering an aircraft. 5-year prison sentence

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Great video @ash2020 - (should declare the “Vegi” interest here) - the sea bed under these cages is like a desert apparently and wild salmon are decimated by the disease fall out…
I filmed early units back in the '80s when they were seen as the great white hope (we had a helicopter then) - Now we know the truth thanks to videos like yours.
Really great stuff (hey the shots weren’t half bad either!!)

Not strictly speaking is it Robert? Mind you, it would be worth it for the news coverage!
I’m going to see one tomorrow where they have been pouring 100 litres of formaldehyde into the loch each day to try and stem the torrent of mortalities. A friend was assaulted by one of the thugs on Saturday for filming them so I’m keeping a very safe distance!

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One day I’m going to pluck up the courage to put the ROV down near one, but they are getting very touchy about it all now there are so many “activists”.

Thank you for the compliment. It’s very encouraging. :+1:t2:

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Your aircraft is subject to the relevant regulations within the Air Navigation Order. Legally a UAV / UAS / drone, call it what you will, is an aircraft so my understanding is that the penalty for endangering applies.

I am impressed by your activism and horrified at the ecological destruction that factory farming brings about. Was the potential escape of farmed salmon, reported a few days ago, near you?

Thanks for that Robert. It’s good to know.
Thank you also for your comment about the activism. It’s difficult not to get involved when the fish farms are taking over the West Coast. We’re keen sailors and it seems that every bay and loch has a farm in it. As I mentioned above, they just pour chemicals straight into the lochs, even if they’re closed freshwater lochs. They also keep quiet about the fact that it takes from 2 to 5kg of wild fish (fish meal and fish oil, mostly from South America) to produce 1kg of farmed Salmon. It really is an environmental disaster.

The recent incident was about 40 miles down the road. I was going to jump in the car and take the drone down but it had already been covered quite well by Corin Smith, a fellow activist. They seem to have it under control but they estimate 48,000 escaped fish and 30,000 mortalities.

Sorry to get on my soapbox, it’s not really the place for it, but it’s a great excuse to go flying!


So, where is your soapbox? It would be good to see you standing on it!

There’s a rather trite quote doing the rounds - but nonetheless sobering for being trite - "Are we really able to feed 60 billion farm animals but not 7.8 billion humans?"
World Economic Forum article adds some detail This is how many animals we eat each year | World Economic Forum

BTW there are no emojis for - soapbox, discuss, debate, argue - interesting in itself…

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Alas, humans won’t eat grass out of a field.

The singular “soap” and “box” emojis don’t quite have the desired effect :slight_smile:
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“Be sensitive to people’s paranoia”

Neither do most farmed animals - they’re mostly fed stuff like soy or maize or beans or grains - stuff that humans could eat — Or their own dead cousins (remember BSE?) . Grass fed beef? Far too expensive for most people.

:soap: :ballot_box: - shall we leave it there? :smile: Please join the mailing list.


Haha! Those were the days, when soap came in boxes, big enough to stand on!



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It’s a myth that you need to eat meat to get protein.


Another trite saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Now, more than ever we need this to be true. We are in deep sh++ and we need the will.


Or (reflecting my current circumstances) - “where there’s a will there’s a lawyer” :joy: :joy:


Well, actually -
see ref to article 241 and then use this link to article 23 ANO

Articles 23 and 241 ANO say drones aren’t aircraft - bit of a bummer because i was hoping to rely on that when cautioning and arresting any busybody trying to interfere with my droning.
:rofl: :rofl: :crazy_face:

I’d already fantasy rehearsed the whole scenario…

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