Another from France

Not playing the embed game, for some reason Kuula does not like my Hangar grabbed photos, gonna try another way at the weekend

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Good to see that Kuula provide an accurate thumbnail and a description :+1:

That big black circle at the top… you’d think they’d just take the nearest sky blue pixel colour and use that for the round “fill” eh?

You have to infill “the sky” to make 2:1 … and I think this is the problem with @milkmanchris’ files. So much black at the top (and bottom) suggests they can’t be 2:1 ratio.

Chris, can you email me the image you uploaded?
I’ll message you my email address.

Almost 3:1 judging by the file info.

If I crop to 2:1 I’m cutting a lot out.

Nope - don’t “crop” … you need to add space at the top.

You need to make it 15000 x 7500

In Photoshop, you resize the canvass. Other apps differ, or cant do it.

One way is to make a blank image 15000 x 7500, then copy/paste your original to the bottom of the new one.
Needs to be done pixel accurate … to the bottom and left/right.

Using your lower res image … and adding “sky” to make it 2:1

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Resulting Kuula below, we are making progress

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Under the “Image” menu item, there should be “Resize” and a “Canvass size” option, rather than “image size”.
They do different things.

Enter the correct height.
Click the arrow at the bottom (fixes image to the bottom).
Select a colour to use for the infill. (I use a blue that’s rather nondescript.)


Should give you …


If the resulting size is wider than Kuula’s 16,384, then you use the “Image size” option to reduce the overall image created by the new canvass size.

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With a nice content aware fill. Thanks @OzoneVibe.

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Lookin’ gooood! :+1:

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Cheers Dave, what app are you using to capture your images?

Just the basic Go4 app, and using the higher res images from the SD card.
I then use Microsoft ICE to stitch, and Photoshop to get to shape/size.

Wow!! How good does that look :star_struck: