Another Landy In Woods video 😉


Great Video Glenn, love the Landy !

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Totally agree, great video Glenn - we definitely have our director if we need a video advert for Grey Arrows!


Thanks guys, it was a sloppy quick edit, but I wanted to throw something together for fun. That landy is my first classic and its ASTOUNDING where it will go! I think nothing of following any modern Defender anywhere offroad, it’ll do it all!

If anybody likes such things I’ve got 6 classic landy’s I’ve been doing up over the winter and will be selling in spring! Some real nice ones too!


Is this an advert then :thinking::thinking: :grin:

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NO WAY! I’m sure that would break some rules :slight_smile: or at the very least be in the wrong section!!!

But… if anybody IS into classic landy’s I’ll be selling some peaches soon! Just sayin’ :slight_smile:


Love the Lightweight. I had one of the first MoD releases, in 1971. Headlamps in the grill. Wish I still had it!

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Got any pics!? I think you must be referring to the series 2 Lightweight of which only about 800 were made! Worth a lot now!

Here it is, plus one with my Ford GPW on a A frame!


Love it! Was it 24v FFR? Or a 12v GS?

12v GS. Drove very nicely, took it on hol. to Germany one year. Dynamo bearing collapsed, and I had to get help from a Bosch depot! Good old Joe Lucas - not the fault of LR!

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