Another newbie here from Horsham, West Sussex

Hi Guys,
I have similar experiences to @Mandrake. Just started drone flying, just bought a Mavic 2 Pro and still wondering where to fly it!
I live in Horsham, West Sussex, so really need to fly south of here due to the proximity of Gatwick airport.
Any suggestions/guidance will be much appreciated.

Thanks and hope to meet some of you sometime… Colin


I have Mavic Air and am visiting reletivs in Burgers Hill from Monday to Thursday and hope to find some were to fly perhaps on Tuesday, have done a map rece and Harlods Mount north of Lewis could be an option.

A very warm welcome to you @Colin ,
Great place to engage with fellow dronies, lots on here to see and read, so grab a cup of tea (:wine_glass: :beer:) and sit back and see what is what.
Best to check the different categories before posting a question, someone somewhere has more than likely asked the same question, we all have to start somewhere :+1:
Plenty of apps out there to help with where to fly, NATS Drone Assist is the main one. Check out the link.
Post your location on the Members Map, you will see who is in your area.
All the best.

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Hi Salisbury,
Thanks for the warm welcome & advice. So much to learn!

Hi Stormin,
Thanks for the offer, unfortunately next week is one of the few I actually work now being a part time shift worker.
Perhaps another time!

No probs.

Welcome to the pleasure drone :rofl::rofl:
Enjoy some reet good info on here :+1:

Thanks raider64 :+1:

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Welcome Colin,
I hope you find somewhere!