Another Norfolk Newbie

Hi all, been here a few days… Been casually checking the page, reading some information and getting some ideas for things. I am new to the drone scene and due to popular request on my gaming YouTube channel I decided to diversify and got the Mavic Air 2 and the DJI Pocket 2 in order to do some vlog / family insight style content.

I’m in the process of going through the A2 CofC course and currently waiting for the weather to become better before taking flight.

I’m not sure whether I should have brought the DJI Mini 2 over the Air 2 but I guess time will tell…

Seen some great stuff here so far and looking forward to becoming an active member of the group!


Welcome Shaun.

I’m sure a member of the committee will be here shortly.
MA2 is very good drone.
Then again so is the M2 :grin:

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That Mini 2 for the size/cost is a beast of a machine… The main reason I opted for the Air 2 however was mainly for its sensor tech and the flight programs… until I become better at controlling the drone myself I thought these automatic flight options would mask some novice flight moments lol :grimacing:

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I have both and I fly the M2 more.
You will get better at it, just fly, everywhere all the time.

It’s only practice


Hi , and welcome to GADC lol I didn’t realise when we spoke the other night you where new here . As I’m sure you are seeing this is a fantastic site packed with loads of helpful, friendly members . There are quite a few Norfolk members on here as well. Feel free to contact anytime if we can be of any help and hopefully there will be a Norfolk meet up soon then you can try the mini 2 or even the mavic 2 pro if you want . Take care and have fun.

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The mini 2 even has me tempted and I’ve just bought the Air 2 S, but I’ll probably wait until the Mini 3 or equivalent arrives and see if it’s one of the 1st Classified Drones.

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Welcome from the Black Country mate.
Mini 2, Pro’s: Under 250g. Good camera, can fly nearly anywhere, good flight time, cheap(ish) batteries, can use Mini 1 batteries.
Cons: Bit iffy in strong winds, not all automated shots on board, bit flimsy (IMO).
Mavic Air 2 Pro’s: Very good camera, more like a pro drone, all of the auto shots on board, very stable in high winds, the 48meg pictures are very good.
Con’s: Heavier than 250g, needs A2 to give more flexibility to fly in some places, since introduction of Air 2S the batteries have gone very scarce and bloody expensive (same batteries), I bought one before Xmas for 65 quid, the cheapest I’ve found on ebay is now £93.75, but they average about !00 to 105 each.
I’ve got both, but I prefer the MA2 more than the M2, mainly because of the camera and the stability.
You pays your money, you takes your choice.

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Oh and I forgot, no obstacle avoidance on the M2!

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Yeah, I’m a newbie… was just finding my feet and had a browse through some of the content I felt was going to be helpful. Seems a very good place to be… You see on other pages, such as the Facebook groups ( I hate Facebook BTW ) there is nothing but sniping one another and taking the piss out of people asking questions… It is a much more inviting forum here as ultimately if everyone knows what they must and must not do then surely that’s good for everyone… we don’t need further rules and hostility. This classification issue is the only thing that’s really stopped me from going nuts. I felt the A2 was not too cheap but not so expensive that if it really does need replacing come 2023 then that’s not a bad layout if it lasts till then. Will be very interesting seeing if they can match the capabilities of the A2 in an M3 !! It’s pretty close already by the look of a lot of the footage…

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That A2S looks an awesome piece of kit… seen a video recently where they put the M2, A2 and the A2S up against one another and by far the best. In fact it was one of the only comparison videos I’d seen that there was a clear winner in terms of its straight out the box filming…

Batteries!! Sheesh… they are expensive… Ali Express is probably the cheapest I’ve seen, at about £75-£80 mate… my mate flies the Mavic 2 Pro and he buys a few bits off there and sent me the link. I have seen a lot of reviews that seem to criticise the “feel” of the Mini 2 but I guess that is the compromise… what makes anything “seem” more expensive or professional is generally the weight of something… we seem to have it in our minds that weight and feeling solid goes hand in hand with quality but hey… it seems to have been worth the compromise on how it feels when you look at what it does… I may likely end up having to get the Mini 2 at some point just due to the ease of use and where it can go … I guess everything will be a little clearer come 2023.
Gives me a bit of time to learn with this A2

Seems to be a LOT of crashed minis about over the internet

Well it’s really nice to see new members getting involved and being part of the site , I’ve only been here just over a year and this site and it’s members ( especially one who was kind enough to be my mentor ) have taken me from being someone who always wanted to fly a drone but had no idea to now being registered, qualified and owning 2 fantastic drones that I love flying.
Yes stay clear of Facebook it’s just poison, there is no drone police here , GADC members love questions and there is no such thing as a stupid question, if you aren’t sure or you need advise and research has failed then ask away there is always someone on here who has the answer.
Yes the classification thing is a pain and very doubtful the air 2 or any other for that matter will get it retrospectively but by then there will be new models so enjoy what you have and don’t worry about it , that’s what I’m doing with the M2P but I won’t be tempted again until the classification mark is on , you will learn loads from the A2CofC and that should help going forward .
Keep up the being involved as the more you use the site the more access you get but most of all enjoy your drone .


But as a proportion of the Mini 2s sold, probably no more than any other drone. Due to its abilities, I’m sure that the Mini 2 has outsold every other DJI drone previously marketed. I have a MA2, hold an A2 C of C, yet still bought a Mini 2 for the ease of use and it’s ability to be flown almost anywhere and have no regrets whatsoever.

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Well hopefully, weather permitting I shall have some footage up soon… Certainly looking forward to being involved in the group more and it’s good to be involved with likeminded people who I know that if and when I do have a question I know it will be answered and answered correctly…

Here’s to flying :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Something tells me that when ( if ) we do get to see a prolonged improvement in the weather it is highly likely I will end up buying the Mini 2… I’m a punter for a gadget sadly… :joy:

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Hey Shaun,

Welcome to the team.

Lovely place to have as a playground.

With regards your choice of drone, this is something I keep struggling with.

I love my Mavic Air 2, it’s great in many ways, size, performance, camera, sensors, active tracking……but the freedom that you can get from the Mini/Mini 2 makes it extremely tempting.
If I’m honest, as much as I would like the extra freedom of the Mini 2 (that is the one I would be interested on), there are many features that I will miss, so still very keen in the MA2.

In the end of the day, it depends what you look for in a drone. For me all this extra features are indeed a dealbreaker.

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Welcome. I come from the opposite direction to MtG. With summer virtually here I went for the M2 purely as its so portable and being able to fly it virtually anywhere. Its in the car boot every weekend when we’re out just in case of that impromptu flight somewhere. Something which for me at least is more important than having inbuilt features. Plus, its great fun learning to do those features manually.

Happy flying, some great places up there in Norfolk

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Thank you for your thoughts as I think my mindset would be extremely similar if I had both as from what I’ve learnt from the multiple videos on the MA2 the features it has make it such an excellent piece of kit and would I miss those features… I think I certainly would!

Wait until they cram all the MA2 tech into a Mini 3… wouldn’t THAT be something

I can certainly see the appeal of the Mini 2… I think you have hit the nail on the head though… it’s almost not a beginner drone but an “on the fly” drone whereby if you have the skill to replicate the in built programs of something like the Air 2 then due to its reduced restrictions it’s a tool within a bigger tool kit…

I will see how this Air 2 is when I eventually get it off the ground ( DAMN U.K. WEATHER ) and then make a decision on whether to get a Mini 2 also or wait for the Classified sub 250g when it arrives

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