I will be out at Hawksbury at 8am tomorrow to check my new inav settings before I take the daughter ice skating. Made it a little more aggressive to attempt a new speed record (for me at least). If I have the bottle.

what are you antennas for a racing drone?

Sort of. I am still using half stock (linear), half clover. But upgrading to drone clover, and goggles clover and plate. Gotta try these things!

clockwise or anti clockwise orientation?

Ummm rhcp

Right handed

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ok, right hand circular polarised.
I only ask as i use to make them for my early drones.

What metal did you use? copper or iron/steel?

Copper coated spring steel

right bitch to bend and solder!

Nice. Did you coat it yourself? Electrolysis? Was thinking of just using copper wire. But it would deform in a crash.

copper is a lot easier to shape and solder.i
use to make 5.8, 2.4 &1.2ghz.
Bought shit loads of male female SMA connectors and cable.

do a search on youtube for andrew mcneil, he is the master of antenna build and design.

Cheers man. I am an engineer so always looking to build bits instead of buying em. Get the length of wire right according to frequency. Yeah piece of pee. Need to print a jig for the shape.

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i have built a lot of his antennas, with great results.

I am now looking at doing some for my other drones with quick release SMA connectors, like them that are used on the Titan Long range systems.

This is what i hope to build this year, well similiar anyway !.
with 1 watt amplifiers

Lovin that. Keep me posted. Be great to fly long range. Shame its not allowed here. For good reason i suppose. When my kids are grown up and working, I need to emigrate to a free country.

Do you use lower than 5.8?

It’s not so much the long range, but, the strength of signal and no drop out of video when near trees, buildings, etc