Any abandoned buildings or sites to film in East Riding / Hull?

Hi I’m looking for abandoned sites to safely fly near or over and film around east riding or hull area.
Thanks everyone. Oh and did all the towers get demolished at Thorpe marsh power station?

Around east riding or hull area?

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How about the Lord Line building (that’s if it’s still standing).

Hi yeah thank you. That is still there. I’ll go for that. I did think go over pleasure island cleethorpes but not sure if the rides are still there.

Unfortunately all the main rides have gone, although a fair number of buildings are still standing. It’s one place I’ve been thinking of doing, should be able to find a suitable take off / landing area on the seaward side.

They’ve even taken the slides down now (I was there last week) at pleasure island.

Thorpe Marsh went years ago.

Willington is about the nearest for proper abandoned

Cheers everyone. Thanks for info on Willington power station Chris. I think that’s well worth a drive. Obviously my drone isn’t up to tasks as well as DJI drones but might give it ago and do best I can without crashing I hope.

Lots of stuff if Willington on the forum, including a meet last year