Any advice for a first 360 pano

I will be attempting my first 360 degree pano in the next week or so with the MP2, if the weather gods allow. I have ‘hangar 360 app installed, Will this be ok to produce a good quality pano, COD I’ve never used it yet.
If there’s ANY advice anyone can give me, settings etc I would be most grateful

I was unaware that they’d updated Hangar360 to work with the M2P.

Last discussion on this was : Query about Hangar 360 with M2P

Attempts to contact them generated no responses.

Since then their website no longer has the compatibility page.

Indeed - their website has no mention of Hangar360 at all.

In fact the link from the Apple Store page for the app returns a 404 error.

But … really, this all matters not a jot, since the M2P has excellent pano mode built in and creates excellent 360 panos without any dependency on Hangar … and there are some excellent examples of them here : Kuula panos from Iceland .

Those are using the Zoom - but the Zoom and the Pro only differ in the camera. All firmware is identical for either.

My advice would be to try it as - auto - defaults. The M2 seems to do an excellent job of it.


Good point Dave.
I was one of the original people enquiring about Hangar 360 because I was amazed on the quality.
I tried to contact them several times too with no avail.
That before I tried the pano on my M2P.
It is definitely as good as Hangar with the positive difference that it’s built in.

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Yes, I’m pretty sure my Iceland examples linked above had everything set to default except White Balance which I leave on Cloudy. All that’s needed is to select the Pano/Sphere setting on the DJI Go app.

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Thanks guys, exactly the answers I was looking for. Especially the dji pano mode. I now know I can utilise it without problems or having to go through Hangar (which is probably defunct)

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Thanks kvetner. I’ll look at the settings. I’m going to try for an early morning or late evening flight, I think it gives a softer and warmer light than the harsh midday lighting

The lower sun can stretch exposure balancing to the limit - one way with the sun behind, the other way directly into it.

On balance, I’ve had best results with a high sun to keep it out of view.

Hmm, yes thats a really good point. I had t considered the low sun in front of the lens from one direction and behind it from another, it certainly would be better with the sun above

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There’s always a chance that the algorithms / smoke and mirrors / other thingamabobs in the M2P handle it better. No harm trying … and indeed, it would be good to see how it copes in auto-everything.

With the MP and a low sun, I’ve found manual exposure better than auto.
And for this I tend to turn the MP at 90 degrees to the sun and tilt the gimbal to about 2/3 land : 1/3 sky to create the view to use as the basis for setting the manual exposure.

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This one by @callum : Pano-Mania - (aka The Great Pano Thread) - #134 by callum has a lowish sun. It works OK … might have been better had it been higher?

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The M2P does cope with lower sun better than MP but I’ve found the sweet spot is where the sun is just above the top of the pano.

I’ll try find an example

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Higher sun with everything on auto.

Low sun shining through clouds I’ve found are the worst conditions as it tends to blow out a much larger area.


That’s superb! I need a screen the size of one of my walls to put that up … just nudge the view around a bit each day. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lower sun through cloud. Instead of just a point of light, all clouds are illuminated and tend to be too much to blend the exposures.


Actually - it would be cheaper to move to Scotland and have a house without any walls and rotate the house every day a little. :stuck_out_tongue:


You couldn’t handle the Scottish weather Dave. :rofl:


Looking through some more of my panos it seems the M2P can handle low sun quite well when there is little cloud between the sun and camera.

So on a cloudy day a higher sun would probably be best.

Another difference to the MP is that the M2P camera does not tilt up as high.

Really? Can’t or just doesn’t in panos? The MP goes up 30degs.


Cant. I’m sure its 15 degrees instead of 30. Something to do with the design of gimbal.

I’ll need to double check that though incase I’m talking shit.

If you look at my panos, the infill is bigger than that of MP.

M2P specs off DJI site.


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