Any drone shows/events in 2018?

With drone flying becoming so popular I have to assume someone is organising shows or gatherings to feed our ravenous addiction!

Does anyone know of any dedicated drone shows/events happening in the UK during 2018? If they’re big enough we might even be able to arrange for a Grey Arrows meetup there. :smiley:

If you have any details please post them below.


I don’t know of any, nor have I ever been to any, but I’m sure I could find one :+1:

There must be regular race meets - perhaps they’d let us tag along?

Weston Park - Model Show - 2018

I highly recomend Weston Park in the Summer. It’s near Shifnall in Shropshire. You can visit for a day or camp, caravan and mobile home for the weekend.

Takes about an hour an a half to get there from Manchester CC.

It’s more planes and helicopters, but the drone scene there grows yearly. They also have cars and boats too and real aircraft shows.

You can fly outside of the show times. There is food and evening entertainment.

I’m not affiliated with this event lol, but it does float my boat!

Oh and they have trade stands, though not always the cheapest.

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Thanks, @GTMonster. Got any dates & times? We’ll add it to the calendar.

15,16,17, June 2018.

A non-drone related event that I go to usually for the day every year is the Cosford Large Model Airshow.

Its generally large scale airplanes from all eras only. IMO its not quite as exciting as the yearly Weston Park Model Show. That said if you like seeing works of art large scale airliners and other large scale model aircraft made by people that might be compensating for something… Then this might be one for you.

Cosford Large Model Air Show - 2018

It’s on the 7th and 8th of July 2018 this year at RAF Cosford airfield (next to the famous flight museum).