Any get together s coming to south yorkshire

Hi everyone I am back after a long while; been busy job hunting to no avail. Think that there is a lot of ageism going on out there. Anyway been out twice last week with my phantom 4 - still learning to operate the camera and still get the video recording mixed up with taking photos - but I am impressed to quality of video ( I know old term ). Will manage to take a photo one of these days and surprise myself. Any way you Southern Yorkshire folk is anyone arranging a get together??? We can’t let other areas beat us - lets show them what Southern Yorkshire folk can do - fighting talk.
Just had a thought - why can’t we have a competition the North against the South - not too sure how to organise a competition - but it could be air displays or racing , if anyone else has a idea put it forward - if anyone knows how to organise the competition please try it. Just a thought and be a fun day - could have car boot sale there and sellers selling spares for drone etc.

Wild guess… you work in I.T. John?

Did you have anywhere in mind mate?

No point… us northerners would obviously win :rofl:

Sorry southerners :stuck_out_tongue:

Like with the Treasure Hunt? :wink:

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Oh… um… yeah, point taken :blush:


NO unfortunately unemployed at the moment. Keep applying for work, but to no avail as yet - hahah think my age may have something to do with not getting any where. I think / know that you are right the southerners would be too scared of the competition and coming North of Watford Gap - they would get lost on way up.

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