Any known issues with Air 2S Calibration and DJI Assistant 2?

Just hooked up the Air 2S to my desktop to check it’s all ok and seemingly the Firmware update that happened yesterday via the controller/app didn’t work correctly as the firmware downloaded again and installed this time.

But noticed the Calibration tab in DJI A2 app and thought it would be a good idea to run it through the process ahead of it’s maiden flight.
Ran through the test OK. Top sensor calibration seemed a bit fiddly as the image shows you to hold the drone perpendicular to the screen but the sensors aren’t seen when holding it flat to the screen.

It went through the test and then came up with the -1 -1 Calibration failed error.
Re-ran it 3 times and still can’t get it to pass the calibration.

I’m using it on a 27" 2560x1440 screen with good lighting as I’ve read that others have had issue with certain monitors before, but wasn’t sure if it’s either that or the drone.

Should I be worried that it’s not calibrating correctly or just try another laptop or PC before heading out tonight for a test flight?

Not really

Have a search, endless issues people have with the calibration process.

iMac?, try a PC or Laptop see if thats better.

Get out and fly it, weather for the rest of the week is shit in our parts ;o(

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Cheers Chris.

It’s on a PC, but won’t worry too much and hopefully take it up tonight after tea.

Great weather inbound tomorrow :rofl:

Were you using a different battery today, from yesterday?

Some drone firmware updates include battery firmware updates, which need to be (re)installed on each batter that you own.

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Not that I know of but can’t rule it out totally, but have tried to use the same battery.

Did the maiden flight tonight and after about 20 mins I got another firmware update warning, so landed and did the update and it seems fine.
Don’t know if it was just an update to the aircraft or the battery or both.

Not done another calibration as it seemed OK.