Any tips for night time settings?

Anyone shot photos at night?

Mine seem a little grainy, I really (really) struggled to focus too.

Possibly not enough ambient light, any settings to combat this?

Altitude in these was approx 60m.

Photographers will tell us to shoot a higher ISO. I would too if I was using my DSLR.

However, this is the Mavic camera we are talking about. Keep it at iso 100 or get grain-heaven in your shot.

Long exposure, 2 seconds or more is definitely required, so you need as little wind as possible.

Your shots look fine, good light sources in the image will help to focus.

Post process to remove noise, but some noise is OK, don’t want to muddy the details too much.

Yeah you need to increase the light hitting the sensor which means, in the Mavics case, longer exposure. You could try a 200 ISO but that may introduce noise. I’m not sure how stable the Mavic will be over a long exposure. It will need to be a compromise between exposure and ISO and then a bit of post processing.

Like everyones saying, for best results use iso 100
For focus issues sometimes its just best to go manual so its not re-focusing all the time.
And depending on available light youre gunna be looking at 1 to 3 sec exposure.
Basically if its a windy night then your photos are going to be shite and i wouldnt bother unless you just want to practice.
The more shots the better so youve got a better picking when you come to look at them, so go crazy haha

Thanks for the pointers everyone!

Where is the exposure time setting hiding?!

It’s under your right finger on the corner of the controller (the nobbly wheel)

Oh! I thought that just changed the light levels.

I really need to do more flying!

Actually, you can do it in the camera settings as well.

Must be in Manual mode though.

Focus in manual to infinity

Did you ever get your ideal settings?

I’ve found shutter of 1-5s. Bump up ISO and focus on your target, then reduce ISO to 100.

Shoot in RAW, have the mavic do the least amount of processing possible.

I’ve been experimenting with 5s exposures but seem to have a slight drift on yaw or gimbal. It’s very slight but usually blurs the shots.

This one had less issues when I applied a tiny amount of yaw to counteract drift then took shot.

Anyone else have trouble keeping it steady on longer exposures? It had been windy on most of my night flights, wonder if that’s the issue.

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