Anybody else spot this ...?

Just been browsing Aldryn Estacio’s (of video on the Autel Evo2 and noticed something I’ve never seen before - maybe everyone else has, but take a looksee at his YouTube session here - #evo2intelligent - and go to anywhere between 7min 22 secs and 7:40. Check the top left corner of the screen and note the status “Legal”.
Am I over reacting, or is this a glimpse into what might be our future read-out of our flights? Legal or Not Legal?
Could it be that the CAA is going to stipulate that manufacturers imprint a registration serial number into each unit (as in car number plates) and along with our Operator and Pilot registrations, and the limitations about to be imposed on we hobbyists such as maximum heights (and VLS of course) will then be able to record whenever we step out of line?
Maybe they have differing levels of aptitude, such as our driving licence which defines just which class of aircraft we are licenced to operate. How about Hobbyist, Commercial, Instructor, Deliveries, Post etc?
Maybe we’ll be issued with plastic licences, not unlike our actual driving licence, containing our photo for identity and our grading. Collect points for contravening rules of flight, and receive on-the-spot fines.
With the amount of data that could be collected from us the CAA and their like have a massive hurdle to overcome which could be addressed worldwide, particularly with non-registered flyers and with commercial operations most likely requiring space in either the 400 to 500 ft zone, or in the lower limits of manned airspace.
I’m going to start a project on this - anyone else interested?


Long time Flytpath subscriber :+1:t2:

Also got one eye on the Evo 2 :grimacing:

The Evo doesn’t have any NFZ support though, how does it know what’s legal and what’s not? :thinking:

I’ve not checked, but does DJI embed any user data in the Exif info on photos? Perhaps on the Mavic Mini firmwares?

Ok, I just looked at the video in question.

The ‘Legal’ is a clickable link on the maps. Copyright information :blush:

Like we do on DroneScene and on the Member Map here :wink:


OK Mal you had us all going there for a moment :rofl: :see_no_evil:

just the sort of mistake I would make

On my M2Z, the only sensitive data it embeds is the GPS coordinates/altitude. So if you have flown somewhere you shouldn’t, you might want to strip those details from the Exif data. It doesn’t embed serial number or anything like that.


What about the UUID and flight information that people can enter themselves?

Surely not Rich,got your eye on a a Evo 2…?why would you do that??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Given that most electronic devices have internal i/d /hard-coded serial numbers this does not surprise me.any DJI drone from the last few years,has a place where you can enter your information for broadcast. You can bet that once the new laws are passed you will NOT be able to turn this “feature” off. all it takes is a firmware update from DJI and also,a firmware update could also be used to hard limit altitude to 400 ft… :wink: :wink:

NAH you dont need to,your a very good boy… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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LOL we all are,honest!!!

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Someone once said to me ,ages ago,that when you “buy” a DJI drone you are really just paying DJI to fly “their” drone… you dont really own it … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That Evo 2 is sounding more and more attractive by the day.

Tired of hacking DJI drones and fighting a never ending firmware battle with them :pensive:


Halleluiah to that !.
If I have half a chance to ditch DJI in favour of a competitor I would at the drop of a hat !.

I firmly think my P2V+ needs to come out of mothballs !.

A few people took the piss when I got my typhoon H, but I have no problems when I need to fly in a NFZ with permission unlike with dji.

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