Anyone fancy a massive challenge?

I tried to post this in the challenges section but it’s obviously locked out to mere mortals.
I had an idea last week while travelling home from Elgin to Perth. Stop and take photos of anything interesting (drone and DSLR), then when I get a chance organise them, add info on the area (similar to what you’d post in Dronescene. Then post it as a thread to give members an interesting route to follow if ever in the area, a drone road trip so to speak. I still think it’s a good idea so I’ll make a start on that when I get time.

BUT, it got me thinking about another possible challenge. A drone road trip from Lands End to John O Groats (or similar), not completed by one memeber of course but members from north to south and east to west taking a turn at driving a section of the route, flying the drone and taking pictures along it and of course posting them in here. Maybe a bit too late to start this year as we’re now into autumn, but anyone up for a rather massive challenge?


Bit like a relay , sounds fun !


You most certainly are locked out of the Challenges category. Just look at the mess you lot leave behind after a seven-week Birthday celebration!

You have an interesting idea there, Darren. It may redress certain people’s perceptions that the BC is won by retirees who swan about all day in their Bentleys taking pictures at a whim. Your challenge seems to favour those who travel for work and for whom work is not in one fixed place.

The results will be very useful, just wondering how we can turn it into a challenge with points being awarded …

If you think it’s too late to begin this year then we have six months to develop the idea - message us with plans!


sounds good

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Can anyone comment an idea on this ?
Or would that be rude of me as it’s not my suggestion …

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doors open, pull up a chair and feel free to get involved :grin:


Cheers fella , I’ll draught it up in my notes first then I’ll fire away , in my head it sounds good , on paper I might get laughed at :smile: but my thoughts seems very challenging ( probably to challenging ) but do able which will make it a challenge , I’ll get back asap :wink:


I’m not sure points need to be awarded, it seems a team effort more than a competition.

A badge would suffice. Would probably need people to agree to who is doing the next bit so others don’t go out unnecessarily.

Probably need an alternative to keep those in the East happy.

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this is what I sent to challcom

I wasn’t thinking of it as a competition with points etc to be honest, more just fun challenge for us all that will also provide loads of info of how to get from A to B across our wonderful country, and where to get some good drone flights. Dronescene on the move so to speak. Would also be good to show the camaraderie of the forum, everyone getting together to complete one MASSIVE challenge. No reason why it couldn’t start this year, but Autumn in Scotland is like your guys winter. Very limited times for flying due to wind and rain but that’s what I get for living in Gods’ country I guess? :rofl:
I’m thinking this is going to take a while to complete, certainly not over the course of a few months anyway, could take years. My initial thoughts are, first and foremost, to decide on the start and end point. At first I thought about keeping the most direct route, but then I thought that would discount a lot of members input. I think it should be up to the members to get involved, if it goes ahead of course. So a member flies from A to B, and then hands over the batton to the next volunteer and so on. Or it could be done harum scarum, which is what I think would be more fun. Everyone involved does their bit as and when they can, and we try and join the dots in between, we all know there are a few on here that will go out of their way to join those dots :grin: . I think this way wold be more fun than following a prescribed route?

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once I get my recent trip put together I’ll post it in here to give an idea of what I was thinking.

You wanna see what I come up with , don’t know about pull up a chair get yr self a pillow too :smile:

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John o groats to lands end drone batten relay.

With a map across the Uk from north to south and east to west , zigzag the whole of the Uk as long as it starts from john o groats and finishes in lands end , with this all planned out properly with the club I think this could be achieved or dismissed :smile:

Ok so everyone who takes part in the challenge signs up so the committee knows who’s who and what’s what , so as the tittle says above , # 1 Adam takes off from john o groats at what ever the time and date the challenge starts ok , Adam must when he enters the challenge put down a POI or a few ( same amount for all who enter ) and must photo or video those POI to claim points and that he’s achieved his goal or goals set out by the committee , #2 john who’s the next due to take off or grab the batten from Adam must try to achieve the same as Adam on route I e the POI or interest’s ( if not less or no points ) but only when Adam has landed can john take off , Adam must then post on the club something for john to know he’s back and landed etc which then only john can take off , john has a window of time to set up get airborne and do as in the rules or what Adam done , again working all across the country so everyone can get involved but last place be it lands end ( finish line ) , #3 so it’s kind of like a relay or call it a chain with targets and POI on the way to earn your points and whatever else or ideas can be thrown in ? , if you don’t take off within your time frame you get no points for the take off and time frame window , so if you said not taking off within your window you get no points for that , that would probably be easier , #4 you haven’t got to rush to land but when landed safely you must post or report to the club for the next person to see so they can start there flight , so it’s all about timing too ,

#5 if something like this was to go ahead and when the committee know who’s in and what member is on what flight path then maybe the committee will set the flyers there task ( POI ) so it’s a fair deal by the committee going on drone scene or finding the challenges for better words for the flyers , members ,

#6 we have to bear in mind the sub 250g drones and the ones above , as Tom might not be able to do a certain task as his drone is bigger or over 250 g rather , this would also need to be worked out who’s flying what and where so you can get a spot , as long as you put your bit in your a part of the relay , I know we can’t be within a very short distance of each other but as long as there’s a steady flow between all I think this can be achieved , this could be fun if it’s do able if it’s not it wasn’t me !


How the f##k do I rid those capitals :person_facepalming:t2: It was not like that when I typed it up , removed and edit the capitals still came back :scream::smile:

To be honest I was thinking much less formal, and certainly not a competition. I was more thinking of a way to compliment dronescene with routes and maps, things to do and see while in the area. But, I’m not the boss of this so it’s open to everyones ideas and interpretation. It’s a pretty mammoth task so I certainly wasn’t looking for the challcom to have to get too involved in awarding points, all the organisation etc

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I did go a bit over board , yes I get you :+1:t2:

EDIT : only reason I did make it a bit of a task as I didn’t want to make it to easy , all comments cool tho , just thought I’d Chuck some ideas in maybe grab a bit from everyone and put it all together , as you said I’ll say it’s not down to me , cheers

The baton could be the GADC 5" quad built for the Big Meet (passed on with a controller) and fitted with a basic HD camera so any user can download their photos for posting before passing onwards.
Put INAV on so it flies like a DJI camera drone so users don’t have to be FPV experts.

Or maybe simpler if someone loans a Mavic for the trip :thinking: :thinking:

Now that’s a damn fine idea @Steviegeek!!!
question is, is it under the magical 250g to make it easier for anyone to fly?

That means the batten / drone actually changes hands am I correct @Steviegeek or have I read it wrong , thanks

No, which I accept probably kills this idea, too restrictive.

You read it correct but :point_up: kills the idea i think