Anyone fancy the BlackFly?

Not sure if this has been posted yet, apologies if it has.
It looks like it could be fun, I can’t see how you wouldn’t need a license though.



Looks like something out of Star Wars :open_mouth:

Wonder if @Leveller could build us one :thinking:


Did see this and read somewhere that they wanted to build something you didn’t need a pilot licence for! I think CAA may just change the rules, and quickly, if that were the case!!

Wow, now that is cool. I do wonder how long before this becomes the transport of tomorrow. It only requires the driverless car control systems linked into some sort of ATC mainframe and then we can all fly everywhere :slight_smile:

What amazes me most is that it only has 8 x 2-bladed props that don’t look as though they are much more than twice the size of my Phantom props … but they must be getting ~400kg+ of thrust from them to allow for some redundancy.

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