Anyone flown in Republic of Ireland?

Yeah, I know its not the UK, but has anyone popped one up in southern Ireland?
Looks like I have to pay 5 euros to register my drone. Is it worth it? I’ll only be up for 10 mins doing a spin at 100m.

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Just i’m working there for 2 days at the end of the month.

Moved this over to #Travel-advice-for-anyone-taking-their-drone-abroad - whilst not advice or a tip, hopefully any responses will be. :+1:

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This will be of use … thought not sure if totally up to date.

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Thank you. I have just registered it. But not paid it yet. Its not much anyway. Probably pay it if I see a good spot…

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At least they have looked at it from practical weight perspective. The registration only applies to drones over 1Kg.

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Yes. The Irish use common sense.
We English just have the CAA where they probably wrote what they thought while sitting on the toilet. The CAA seem to think that a Tiny Whoop will bring down a jumbo jet when in fact it would stuggle to beat off a butterfly.

Cheers pal. Going on monday tuesday so hope the weather is goodish.

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I think 5 euros for the year to register is more than reasonable. Lets hope the CAA / goverment has something similar in price / mind.

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Err… NO! It’s done and dusted for the CAA.
They came up with 50m distance from properties after sticking a finger in the wind to see which way it was blowing, then thought they’d add some spice to it by adding another 100m in congested areas. Congested areas are not precisely defined of course so they can pick and choose who’s actually breaking the law (in case a member of the Royal family or someone famous takes up the hobby). The fact that it’s only the heavier drones that are likely to damage properties is completley wasted on the CAA as they’ve decided that everything above 250gm is a leathal weapon and must be registered, but only after you’ve passed an online competence test.

Who knew that boy racers are that old. And get away with it.:grin:

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Evening folks,
I’ll be travelling to the Republic of Ireland in April and hoping to take my drone but struggling to find exactly what I’ll need to do for it? I’ll be flying a mini 2 and obviously registered as an operator here. It says on the IAA website about cross-border operations but I can’t find any more on it?

Any advice or guidance on the flying over there bit would be greatly appreciated (the travel bit is good and covered).

Here’s a starter for ten @NTSA93

Thanks @PingSpike, I did a search but clearly not well enough !

Can’t see anything extra that’s answering my question. I am awaiting ID verification on the MySRS website so unless its unlocked after that, any extra help on more recent info is appreciated.

In fairness to the CAA they have very little to do with the current regs, UK signed up to use EASA regs to keep UK airspace inline with all othe EU countries, the 250g thing is part of EASA regs.

How did you get on with the MySRS verification?

I thinking of taking my Mini 2 over in the near future.