Anyone flying around Derby on 27/02/22?

Hi all, noobees here from Derby, just wanted to tag along to see whats its all about, we have a drone but can’t really fly it, wood be very interesting to meet & chat. we had a trip up to Willington power station & Matlock bando yesterday but no drones to be seen.Thanks… Jon & Denise

I’m heading to Chellaston at some point this morning, so I could pop over to Willington but to be honest it’s not looking great.

I know FPV are somewhat less susceptible to the wind but if you only have a Tiny Hawk you’ll feel it.

@group-fpv what do you reckon?

PS: @group-fpv Drove past the other day and it looks like they’re clearing up the Chello bando site. :worried:

(Edit: Hmm. Maybe I shouldn’t replace my fence panels just yet. :laughing:)

Thanks no worries dont want to put anyone out, just want to see what its all about & maybe learn a bit. Thanks again. Jon & Denise :man_mage::owl:

It absolutely wouldn’t be putting me out. I’m itching to get out myself as I’ve not flown anything for a couple of weeks now.

So I’m more than happy to do it. Just don’t want you to lose your quad straight after getting it back. :wink:

If you just potter about at the base of the towers it’ll probably be fine. (Famous last words.)

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Yes that would be great, if you don’t mind. What time and where do you want to meet?

How about 10.30 at Willington?

Fantastic see you there

Hi earwig we are here, parked at what looks like the main gates. Jon & Denise

We are on the motorcycle we have hi viz vests on didn’t wat u to think we were coppers. LOL

Not many cops riding round on a V-Strom :slight_smile:

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Hi Jon I was down Chellaston yesterday till 14.00 was a good day there was a number of people there including DATfpv from youtube, nice guy…

If its any good to you I’m off to Willington for and hour hence will be there about 12.30 if your in the area…

We’re just finishing up as it happens. If you hurry we might catch you.

Massive thanks to Earwig jez for having the patience to take us with him & talk us through stuff. Cant thank you enough. Denise & i had a great time. Jon & Denise :man_mage::owl: ps we met bigdog just as we were leaving.


It was a pleasure. Thanks for getting me out of the house. :grin:

Here’s a sim that might work on a cranky old PC. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the demo downloads.

And it’s worth asking all @fpv-group for recommendations for a suitable 4"-5" to get started with.


5" cant go wrong with a Nazgul V2. Very popular, highly regarded and easy to get replacement parts when things dont go to plan :grin:


Thanks earwig we will have a look + thanks for recommendations :man_mage::owl:

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I’d have to agree. Having finally arrived at one I kind of wish that’s where I’d started. :slight_smile:

We’ll not talk about FrSky right now. :roll_eyes:

Actually, for @Jon-Denise 's sake we should.

I think you said you had the Tx12, too. This natively supports a number of protocols, including FrSky, which is likely what your Tiny Hawk is using. To keep costs down, it would be ideal to look for quads that have a compatible FrSky receiver. It is usually an option when you’re buying new, but if you’ve got your eye on something definitely ask because, as with many things, it’s not quite that straightforward. :rofl:

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Nice to meet you and Denise earlier, it was great flying weather @Earwig thanks for the heads up on the Nazgul arm :+1:t3: as you can see from the below it didn’t last the day :rofl: :rofl:

@Jon-Denise the gaffer tape worked a treat until I tried power looping it :man_facepalming:t3:

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Oof. :rofl:

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Ive found in the past if you splint the arm before taping it up it lasts pretty good Nick :+1:t2: