Anyone for a GA Fest?

So - I really want to meet up with some folks for flying and make some new friends, and have realised that we are pretty spread out, so the only way that’s likely to happen is if I/we travel and plan in advance. That put me in mind of organizing a weekend - perhaps somewhere central, in the late summer with camping facilities and open skies or a beach.

Activities could include photography tutorials, mod demos, FPV experiences, e.g. spotting for each other or ‘passenger rides’, Disco dog fighting, sport mode time trials, longest flight of the day, fastest speed, etc. perhaps a Disco disco in the evening (this is a joke)…

A mini festival for Grey Arrows members … would there be any interest, and if so any suggestions for a location? If there is interest I will do some research and can coordinate the planning if I am not stepping out of line as a relatively new member.



Hi Davo
I have just made myself “self unemployed” and have given my self 12 months sabbatical
So have time on my hands to concentrate on my future possibilities

I am looking at a drone licence and have a photography business that could overlap with survey work

Opps off subject

I would be up for it
Count me in not sure about the camping though…

I’m up for that, will depend on where and when as I work in education.

on the flip side I might be able to provide a venue, not verty central though…Kent

Camping would not necessarily be mandatory if there are B&Bs in the area. That would probably be my preference over a tent, or maybe a glamping site which is something in between.

Although I don’t intend to do any commercial flying I would like to have a license qualification too for my personal development.

Sounds great, keep me informed

Nice one David!

It’d be good to get some regional day-trip type meetings set up too, for those who can’t travel far (or do over-nighters).

You carry right on mate, not a problem in the slightest :+1: :smiley:

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