Anyone have a Caddx Orca Camera?

I bought one of these as a cheap alternative to go pro.

Footage quality is good but I’ve noticed that if I take the video straight from the sd card the footage seems to switch to slo-mo after about 5-10 seconds.

They do provide an app but it takes about 20 mins to download on 4 min video so it’s a non-starter.

I’ve done a search of the internet but not a lot of info coming up.

Anyone else had a similar issue?

Have you tried a super dooper fast card?


I use the sandisk extreme in all my stuff I normally pick up a couple every time they are on offer on amazon.

I’ve got the runcam5 and I’ve had no issues with that what so ever.

I only ever buy them when they are on offer though, they sometimes come down to as low as £9 especially around black friday :+1:t2:

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Using scan disc ultra and never had an issue with these before.

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Will try these and see if it makes a difference

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