Anyone know how long the CAA take to process SRG1320s these days?

My permissions need renewing at the beginning of November, and I’ve got a shedload of drone footage required throughout Oct/Nov.

I guess I should slog through the process and get my application sent off ASAP. But am wondering if any of us have had permissions renewed lately? And how long it took the CAA to process…?

Calling @Blacksails in, he might know the answer to this one :+1:

Haven’t renewed lately, mine is up in December, but I’m starting to think about doing it now as last year it took a while. The CAA were struggling with backlogs last year.

I think it’s currently about a month. I’m basing that on vaguely remembering something I read on the Facebook CAA PfCO group though…

Get it in ASAP and you should be ok.


Just had my application bounced!
Apparently the fee has virtually doubled. My browser obviously still has the old amount cached. It used to be £56, but from what I can see now the PfCO costs £130. Surely this is going to put more people off bothering to register, take a test and and fly responsibly?

I was at a car show in the summer, and some scrote with a Phantom was buzzing the crowd just a couple of metres above our heads. Utterly illegal. If I’d found the operator it would’ve taken the hospital a long long time to find his propellers…

Argh, no way! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Oh… I thought it was always that price?

Although, I checked Heliguy just now and they say:

Renewal Cost:
7kg or less £130
Greater than 7kg - 20kg £130

Hmm, why would they list both weight classes if they’re the same price? You’d just list the price wouldn’t you? :thinking:

Looks like your browser was indeed playing tricks :frowning:

Still, at least that’s “all” it was declined for? Easy fix, albeit it a pain in the arse :frowning: