Anyone know of a ‘cap’ I can put in here?

So as I’m not gonna use this port for flights, anyone know of a cap that can sit in here till I need to charge the RC ?

I’d probably start with a DJI cable that I know I won’t use, and remove the connector/cable. Not sure how well it will stay in situ, though, without the connector.
Using some black Sugru might be an option? Perhaps with what you can come up with in the above.

If you go the Sugru route, cut a piece of card/plastic to blank across the area around the USB socket before pressing the Sugru into the recess to shape it. This will prevent any getting into the electrical contacts of the socket.

I was thinking the DJI cable route Dave. I won’t use the usb c cable so might chop off the ‘c’ end and slot it in I think :+1:t2:

Make sure you remove the USB connector bit, or the other USB socket won’t connect to your phone.
Trouble is, I think it’s the connector that actually holds it in place.

Ah yeah good point :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve never dismantled one from the cable side to know how much has to be removed before it doesn’t prevent use of the other USB socket.
Probably worth trying - a clean snip of the cable first … and if that doesn’t work burrowing into the outside of the plug to remove the wires closer to the connector itself.
Might start to look messy by then and not worth it.

Chances are your RC has a more protected life than the average micro-USB on a phone and, whilst it isn’t unheard of, it’s rare they get damaged from the muck in pockets, etc.

Think I’d just leave it open, myself.

So I’ve just had a play with it and found this:

Take the side usb(I’ll now call it a plug) plug out, connect phone via bottom usb, once you have connection on Go 4 app and can see the camera view etc you can plug the chopped off side ‘plug’ back in and it doesn’t affect the phone

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Interesting to know.

Just remember … should you get a disconnection you’ll need to take that plug out before the phone will reconnect.

Good thinking !!:+1:t2:

Sounds like a marketing opportunity for the man with the 3D printer.
Shove a dollop of putty in there for mould and away you go.

Personally, I instinctively recharge between locations, be it in the car (Phone, RC and MP batteries) or from a battery pack when hiking (Phone and RC), so I think for me it would be out (and lost) more than it would be in place.

What about one of those magnetic charge port things.

Would the plug need to be removed before you can connect with usb A port?


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Or just a regular Micro USB dust cover?

(search eBay, there’s lots of options, this is just an example)


You’ll need loads as you’ll only lose them ;o)

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I would be very careful with a chopped plug that you don’t short the wires.

I’m gonna use very sharp cable shears then tape the end :+1:t2:

As @Datadogie said … and even with a really clean cut … you do need to be so certain that the bare wire ends cannot touch one another under the tape.
You could short out the battery … or worse. Just a single strand of wire could be an issue.

Thanks guys, maybe best to bin it then, saves anything going wrong

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