Anyone lost a Mini 3 pro or Air 2s at Ladybower? (repost in the right place...)

Nothing to do with me, but I saw this on YouTube, and thought it might be worth sharing here:

(Repost due to posting in the wrong topic!)

It looks like they have found the owners. The “epic footage” mentioned on the thumbnail is all blurred out (maybe the drone owner requested this)??

The “Epic footage” guy has commented on the video - I was lucky to see it last night and yes quite a bit of really great footage - I think it had over 100 gig of files on it if I remember right - lucky the guy had the footage as that is a lot to lose

Should send it back for care refresh :rofl:

shame the footage is all blurred out nbow as that footage was epic ! and stunning!

I watched it just after it had been posted so nothing was blurred , it was all stunning footage , shame who ever he is isn’t a member on here as he has got talent.

yea i saw it but then an hour latedr or so it was all blurred :frowning: was some stunning footaage that needs releasing!

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