Anyone recommend companies that do PfCO courses

Looks like I’m going to be doing my PfCO, work are paying . Any recommendations on companies who carry out the training .

Near Bolton I guess @Gadgerman ?

Heliguy have great reviews mate. They do courses in Manchester a few times a year.

There was also a firm who did training on Haydock race course but their name escapes me!

I’m halfway througn the PfCO course, it’s with Aerial Motion Pictures Ltd. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Great location too.

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I was doing mine with RUSTA - the pre-course e-learning was very useful and very helpful.

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I will be doing my course in June with
As I am older I thought the thing being set over more days and with the extra days including roof surveys it fitted in with what I wanted to do afterwords
I have all the course material already which surprisingly helps we sleep when I read it :wink:(only joking)
As mentioned by BCF in another post the only thing that may take some time is the ops manual but I am sure I can start that before the event of get the relevant information beforehand
Only issue I may have going forward is redo my test and manual if I upgrade to a different drone later to something more expensive like an inspire …

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Thanks for all your input . I will pass on info to my company and see which one they want to go with. ICARUS seem likely due to location but a bit more expensive.

Hi @ketylou73 and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Where abouts are Aerial Motion Pictures based?

You picked the right week to do the training, ideal weather :smiley:

Hi ya, PingSpike

AMP are based in Stables 3, Howbery Park, Wallingford OX10 8BA, I thoroughly recommend them. Really very professional.

I passed my theory exam now it’s onto the Operations Manual and flight test.

Weather last Monday and Tuesday wasn’t that great so it was ok to be inside, on the Tuesday it was really windy.

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Does anyone know if there is a location that does a weekend PfCO? Thanks.

I would like to know as well

Yeah the Haydock race course one was a weekender mate. Will see if I can find out who operates it.

Although that page throws a 404 now… give them a call?

Looks like they don’t do Haydock any more …


Hence the 404 page not found error :frowning:

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Hey guys, I just did my PfCo with Commercial Drone Training down in Devon, they do a 3 day and 5 day course, with 3 day running over sat, sun, Mon. Nice guys, great knowledge but man do they cram lots into a day!!! Expect a long long day and brain overload. Was very good though. Great location and food. I’d recommend upgrading to ensuite double room if anybody books with them.


Long time no see @Longstride - welcome back :smiley:

Good to hear a another decent recommendation :+1:

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Bit far for me . Thanks for the recommendation

Hi, I will be doing mine with Phantom Flight School, the guy who does the courses trained the chaps at the CAA. They also have options to do it in Spain, US, UK. There is a course in Spain on the 18th May. 5 days and sunshine to boot.


Just got the nod from my business that they will support a RfCO course, ive read this thread. Now some time has passed any thoughts on the best to use? Im very tempted to go with Heliguy but I live in Somerset

There have been a few people get their PfCO in recent months since this thread was last active - and whilst they’ve posted comments elsewhere (as far as I recall) I’ll ping a few to see if they’d add some info here to have a single thread on this.

@JayForceOne @GTMonster @22northproductions @sparkman999

Also, we have a members discount available from 3iC for their online training course.

Check …

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