Anyone use Kitty Hawk?

I have had the app for a good few weeks but not yet used it, Im afraid it will be the muts nuts and I end up paying $9 a month for it. It does have a free version if anyone is interested in trying it.

I’ve not heard of this app mate, is it similar to Litchi?

It kind of takes the best bits of all the apps and puts them into one, It has pre flight check lists, weather forecasts, keeps your battery charge and discharge info, tells you everything you need to know. Seems to be a do it all app but has a monthly subscription for the full version.


Never been a fan of the subscription model :frowning:

You invest all that money (and time) and yet still never own the damned thing :frowning:

That’s what puts me off using - maybe I’m just tight fisted :smiley:


Anyone using this app these days?
I see it’s available for both iOS and Android.

Just been looking at it - briefly.

Users - thoughts - positives/negatives?