Anyone using an IPad Mini 4 with the DJI Fly app

Took the mini2 out today and had so many connectivity issues with the iPad it makes me want to throw it away.

The screen was unresponsive for seconds at a time … gimbal movements stuttering (the movement itself was ok a based on the video etc ) and at 1 point the app crashed and I had to restart …

Usually it’s ok but I wonder if it’s because I set it to d/l the hd photos in the settings. I will disable that and try again tomorrow to see but wondering if anyone else is seeing similar issues with the Mini 4

I started seeing occasional lag issues with the Mini 4 earlier this year when flying my Air 2, though I didn’t notice any with the Mini 2 but I usually use my phone for that. The problems were usually worse when screen recording was running.

I was lucky enough to sell the Mini 4 on ebay for a decent price which enabled me to upgrade to a Mini 5

May be worth trying a full reset of the iPad and restoring from iCloud. That has always worked for me when I’ve had a problem with a slow iPad

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I use a mini 2 with my M2P and it works fine…just. I would have thought the mini 4 would be ok so maybe give it a strip down as @pete.mcarthur said. I only have 2 apps on mine as it’s pretty much dedicated to my controller so maybe that helps.

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The only thing on it is the fly app and the stuff app,e doesn’t let you remove … doesn’t get used for anything else and gets a full reset before every flight …

2 things I did different this time was I tethered it to my phone and allowed the HD recording to be transferred … I suspect the latter overloaded it …

It could well be that. I don’t tether mine, I just download the maps from home then turn the WiFi off. It’s also just a dumb screen, with all the shots staying on the memory card. Even then, the 2 is pushing to its limits but it was free so I live with it. I always carry the cable for my phone too.

Which model iPad are you using with the DJI Fly app?

Or by “mini2” do you mean the iPad Mini 2 and not the Mini 2 drone?

iPad mini 4 mate …

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Might help if I read the post title eh?

Sorry @Gkinghrn

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The iPad Mini 4 is on the Fly app compatibility list.

But it’s also a six year old device now so could well be on the limits :grimacing:

My five works fine with no problems

i suspect this is indeed at least 1 of the issues …

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Yes and it’s great, I bought a second hand one with 16 gb because I only want to use tit with the drones and it works fine but I must say the guy that sold it to me reset it before I received it so as a post may be worth resetting yours. Good luck and safe flying.

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I’ve recently bought a 128GB iPad Mini 4 off eBay and have started using it with my Mini 2 instead of an iPhone 6 and so far I’ve not had any kind of issues.
I did get a CPU overload warning in the Fly app when I first fired everything up and noticed the odd image stutter when flying but apart from that it was absolutely fine.

Maybe a factory reset (and iOS update if required) will improve things for you.

This would also suggest the six year old iPad Mini 4 is running pretty close to its limits.

@Gkinghrn something you could try…

When I used to fly with my old iPad Mini 2 using GO4 I’d often get those warnings. Turning off the local video caching really helped. It seems that tipped it over the edge.

Worth a test with DJI Fly as it could be an easy fix for your issues.

Go to:

Settings > Camera > Cache When Recording

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Another thing to try is the ‘Background app refresh’ option, which you can turn off for all apps in one go or just have active for selected apps. You can find that under Settings>General>Background App Refresh and will ensure that any other installed apps won’t try and pinch any CPU resources when you have the Fly app open.


Great tip @Amoxitine :+1:t2:

Took it out earlier …stopped it syncing photos … still a noticeable lag when it took photos and gave back control to the controller …

Will try the background app refresh option …may be that …

Did you turn off the local video caching though @Gkinghrn ?

Yep … all turned off …

I think , at the end of the day , the iPad 4 mini is nearing the end of its life with DJI fly as it needs more and more compute with each upgrade maybe …

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