Anyone want a complete setup of FPV Gear

Kidding (though this is gettng GRRRRR NOW, and ready to give it all up!!)

In built ERLS on a betafpxf41280sx board over SPI. Setup right in BF (4.3 RC6), I got it working briefly. The RX I believe is “updated” along with BF so no update until RC7, etc I guess. I ste a binding phrase with the CLI and used the “bind” option on RX and TX. I breifly got it seeing the stick movements, but it didn’t survive a reboot (and yeah did press save etc). I believe any 2.x version of ELRS will work together (have 2.3 on the TX), not sure what version is on the FC, but it’s at least 2. Below is a copy of a post i made:

Hi all. I’ve just got a DarwinFPV tiny ape, and struggling to get the RX to work. Have set up a few quads with seperate RX’s in the past, and my TX (Happymodel ES24TX 2.4GHz) and all the others are on 2.3 of ELRS with a bind phrase all Good. The TinyAPe is built in ELRS (FC is betafpxf41280sx). I flashed BF 4.3 RC6, and used the online thing to set the binding phrase on the CLI. I got it briefly working once between reboots, but just can’t get it connected again from the radio (setup a new model, Original TX16S with edgeTX 2.5 (or 2.6)). Any suggestions? I’m not sure what RC6 has as ELRS version built in, but I am lead to believe as long as all 2.x it’s OK.

I know nothing about the SPI version of ELRS…

I’ve only used standalone Rx’s and bind phrases.

I understand that the normal bind method is quite different… but how I have no idea. I do know that it is more difficult…

So… watching…

Yeah first time for me. Actually found a help page so going to try that later. Will let you know

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Dont despair suns out not windy or cold, we are sure it will be worth it in the end, keep smiling. Jon&Denise :man_mage::owl::crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t you FPV lot speak proper English? The only thing I understood was J+D’s last post! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Yeah wanna go drone circle tomorrow and out of 4 quads have 0 flyable after 2 weeks now!


Sorry man I know nothing about elrs. Hope you get it figured out though

It is like learning a new language John :rofl:

Je ne comprends pas monsieur!

It’s ard enough for me to talk proper mar mate!

Just found this that says the pid loop should be set to 4k as 8k can cause issues with the receiver

Yeah it’s on 4k. Due to f4 and 4.3

Ha ha! I have my Nano LR project, and now the new stack for the Nazgul, and a nice long weekend to get on with it but I’m dreading starting because of all this shit I know I’m going to come up against (on top of my dreadfully ham-fisted soldering).

Best of luck. I hope you have something in the air soon. :+1: