Are Drones permitted on the beaches at Hartlepool Headlands? Or any surrounding areas of NYM

Hi I’m new to drones I’ve just got my Air 3 and Flyer ID etc only to realise how many restrictions there are. Can anyone advise if flying at Hartlepool Headlands is allowed? I see the crown estate allows it but there’s a ton on SSSI areas around there. I can’t see anything on Hartlepool website about drone use although it does say they’ve leased the land off the crown estate. I was really looking forward to getting out at the weekend but now I’m thinking of taking the drone back to the shop and getting my money back. I really hope someone with local knowledge can advise of any areas either at the headlands and also nearby i.e. Yorkshire moors where drone are allowed. I’m a keen trail/ultra runner so bought the drone to film my runs but not so sure I’ll be able to use it now.

Check the area out on Drone Scene, it has everything you need.

Note the pink layer, the Crown Estate grant permission for drone flights taking place on Crown Estate foreshore. The foreshore is defined as the land between mean high water and mean low water.

Also worth checking out Good 2 Go.

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Ok thanks yeah looked at that but there was sssi areas under the purple when I zoomed in so obviously very confused as to what’s allowed.

The SSSI layers give you a direct link to the information you are looking for

Remember that this is just information, there is no FRZ over these and many are for things like rare moss!

Flying at 70m is never going to disturb much :wink:

Well, if they are short of moss they are welcome to help themselves from my lawn

I assumed it would be off limits due to all the marine birds up there being on the coast that was my main concern.

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I would think the time of year would have a bearing on flying in that SSSI. Best to avoid breeding season.


Do the other low flying aircraft cause the same issues as drones do to breeding birds :man_shrugging:

Do the police and air Ambulance avoid these areas for the same reasons :man_shrugging:

My mini 3 at 80 meters can’t be heard, any other aircraft flying overhead is much louder

Yeah I get you just new to the scene, so as far as these sssi areas go should I launch from above high water line and fly over those areas at a sensible altitude? Sorry for a few noob questions just want to make sure I’m doing the best I can to be responsible.

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We all started at some point and there is not a daft question, please keep asking

Most people don’t even know about SSSi never mind caring, they have only recently been added to some of the drone apps, DS has had them for ages :+1:

Fly within the Drone code and you are doing no wrong. Try not to over think it :wink:


The world was so much easier on Microsoft Flight Simulator :joy: Well I’ll hit the beach early doors and get the air 3 up for a blast then bit scary just hovering it my front room! :sweat_smile:


Dont forget to share the images/videos with us

have fun :+1:

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Cheers just got some freewell split nd filters to go with it so looking forward to it.


I think it helps to be in tune with the local environment. I personally wouldn’t fly near sea cliffs in nesting season. Same goes for flying low over the moors in nesting season. Flying on a tidal estuary. At low water, especially in winter we have can have 1000’s of birds feeding. Wouldn’ fly near them. I see people doing it though around the Humber. Also pisses me off when you see dogs chasing out after the feeding birds when the tide is out on the Humber.

As said previously, common sense and you’ll be golden.

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I’m Just after active track shots and things of me running mainly, I’m not after skimming the ground. I may have a cruise out to sea and do some low level slow mo stuff of the waves but will try my best to be out of the way of everything hoping to run up to the sea front with everything in my running pack in the morning :crossed_fingers:


Glad you got to fly and share the Video :+1:

SSSI are just for information remember, they arent enforced and shouldn’t stop you from flying if you deem it safe

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