Are there any flight restriction or no go areas in or around Beadnell and Whitby area?

Hi, I will be visiting Beadnell and Whitby for a few days and wonder if there are any flight restrictions or any no go areas in this part of the world. I have some flying experience and use a Mavic air 2 and passed the A2CofC. I would like to fly along the shore line and explore any POI and landmarks. Does anyone have experience or know what is or is not
allowed. Thanks James Clark

None that I can see, take a look:

None here either.

There are also a couple of recommendations on places to fly there too:

And if you want to check the restrictions of your drone in certain conditions then simply run through this one:


Most of the coast around there does have airspace restriction in place but so long as you fly in the open category (below 120m/400ft) it doesn’t apply :smiley:

Watch out for the seagulls though