Are you signing up to NODE?

Looks like DJI are committing themselves to do more to challenge upcoming drone legislation. I’m sure most DJI owners in the club have received an email today about NODE - The Network of Drone Enthusiasts. What do you think? Planning to sign up? Will this make any difference?

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You’re doing what I did yesterday :blush:


Moderators these days, pfft. :rofl:

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Great minds and all that. :slight_smile:

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Hopefully it will make some difference so why not to try? Not sure what sort of legislation the govetment is talking about but it is worth a shot

Because it’s solely owned, run and marketed by DJI.

It’ll be completely biased in their favour, regardless of whatever user input they gather. It’ll be used for nothing more than allowing DJI to sell more drones.

Call me cynical, but, well, you know :man_shrugging:

I’m happy to be proven wrong :slight_smile:

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Is it?

The website. shows them as a sponsor only and the Terms of Use page (skimmed not read!) doesn’t mention them anywhere I could see, only the NODE Campaign with an address in Germany.

So DJI may be giving NODE big bucks but I’m not sure it’s as bad as your ‘cynical’ mind thinks. :wink:

I’ll just rearrange those words… :smiley:

The website shows them as the only sponsor.


But again, I hope I’m wrong… I just worry that DJI are only in this for themselves, and not for us :frowning_face:

Anyone seen this?

Haven’t had a chance to read it properly, but it doesn’t sound like something we would want to happen!

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I bumped your post over to this existing thread, Alex.

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Yes I read it and will be signing petition.

I thought we were coming out of Europe :grin:

This is such annoying BS.
How on earth do you reduce noise levels any further than what dji have done with propellor designs already .
What about hobbyist who run models using nitro engines and even jets! Why haven’t the noise levels they can potentially generate ever been considered.
How would noise levels be policed ?
The proposed rule is just total ballsack.
I’m a grumpy old man that gets pissed off with every rule and law that comes out of the EU fart box ! They pissed me off with vaping regulations.
Wanting to give prisoner the right to vote.
Now this ?
After this they’ll be banging on that drones are too stealthy .


Don’t get me started on that.

Did you see it in news a few months ago where MP’s were calling for the rules on vaping to be relaxed?

The same MP’s who rolled over when the TPD was discussed in parliament.

Still makes me angry.

Too many young and ignorant people with no life experience, knowledge or speciality in the field of work they’re in.
There isn’t a single politician in any government with the skills required to take on any portfolio that they are assigned to. Nothing but blaggers.


Amen to that my brother :+1: