ARGOS Drones and insurance

I am wanting to buy a MM2. I have seen posts from people who have purchased their drones from Argos and have availed of their insurance

From what I have read it appears it’s cheap and ARGOS are very accommodating when it comes to claims

With that in mind can anyone tell me/us of their experience with Argos and claims etc.

Thanking you in advance


Hi Rab,

I got my Mini 2 from Argos and was offered the insurance,

IMHO I think you’d be better with the DJI Care, as it’s specifically designed for the drone use and only £45.

Having dealt with Argos insurance on other products before I find they can be difficult to deal with, wanting the proof of purchase and having to jump through multiple hoops.

That being said, I’ve not had any experience claiming through DJI care, but I’m sure some other members have and can give you a better opinion

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I didn’t know Argos sold drone insurance.

Got any details you can share @Rabsoffagain


I’d look at Heliguy’s care to be honest if its a game changer on where you buy (you have to buy from them)

£49 with no repair/replace charge

If you want an alternative to Argos insurance, then everything you could ever wish to know can be found here:

(and non-Argos questions should be fielded there)

Let us know the Argos details here @Rabsoffagain :+1:t2:

Nope me neither, I certainly wasn’t offered any when I bought my Mini 2.


Ok I have ballsed up!

It’s not specific drone insurance. It maybe their aftercare stuff they sell with every product.

I definitely read on here that peeps were able to get a replacement. At least I think that’s what I read.

I need to stay off the drugs :joy:

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Around the defects on the battery issue I believe

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I took out the DJI Refresh insurance when I bought my Mini 2 drone and recently had to avail myself of their Flyaway service when I lost my drone after inadvertently crashing into trees on the edge of a lake to the rear of my property. Because of tightly packed trees, brambles and thick mud, it was impossible to recover the drone.

Two weeks after providing flight records to DJI and making a claim (and £209 lighter - the excess required by DJI in the case of a Flyaway claim) I was in possession of a new retail boxed drone and battery from DJI Product Support in the Netherlands .

I have also been assured by DJI that the balance of my Refresh insurance has been transferred to the new drone, which means that while I cannot claim another Flyaway (you are only allowed once such claim during the twelve month period covered) I still have two options to have the drone repaired if it is damaged and can be recovered.

In conclusion, I have been happy so far with DJI’s Refresh service.

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I got mine replaced by Argos because I said one of the rear arms was loose, no questions asked, just do you want your money back or a replacement.

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That’s very interesting.

‘Flyaway’ used to mean the (impossibly rare?) situation where a drone becomes unresponsive and flies itself off into the sunset. DJI would sometimes replace the drone if the flight logs showed that that had happened (IE it was a fault with something in the machine they made. If you were commanding it to fly back, but it was flying off at max speed, clearly something was up).

Interesting that their definition of ‘flyaway’ for the purposes of DJI Care includes a drone that you crashed and weren’t able to retrieve. That’s pretty good.