Around Lindos in Rhodes

Vlicha and Lindos, Rhodes


I edited your link to have the Vimeo URL pasted direct to its own line to create the embedded player. :wink:

Oh thats great thanks, how do i do that?

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Just by pasting the Vimeo URL to its own line without any spaces in front of it …

This bit (that I’ve added a space in front. :wink: )

Cool, will try on the next one thanks!


Hi Jonathan
Lovely vids, thanks for sharing. You’ve got a great eye for afar makes a good frame and the music mostly works really well. If I were to offer any advice, it works be too try and slow everything down and move the camera far less. Keep up the good work :+1:

Great Video, and the music still puts a lump in my throat.
My daughter sang that song at my Dad’s Funeral…
She also sang it unannounced about 3 weeks ago, in her Evening Cabaret Spot on the Cruise ship she works on…I was in bits !!!


Sorry, littered with typos!

“you’ve got a great eye for what makes…”

“…it would be to try and slow down…”

Hi mate, me too! my daughter sang that song at a couple of music festivals when she was at uni - I thought it might be too cheesy but sums up our holiday quite nicely!

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Hi mate, thank you and thanks for the tips, I am still quite nervous when I am flying and it is so easy to rush things!

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Nice video :+1:t2: