Arrochar scotland 14th - 16th feb 2020

If anyone want to meet , of course weather permitting. There is s disused torpedo testing range near our hotel


Yep thats the one

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Loch Long Torpedo Range? That looks interesting! :+1:

Weather not looking promising , but I hope for the best

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I’ve made a note for when I’m up that way in June. :+1:

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No chance of flying today , pity such a nice place

I am up in Scotland as well Fort William weather is really bad might get better on Wednesday

Too late for me i go back tomorrow. Im in the bay hotel in arrochar

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weathers crap, wont be flying this morning. wind is a bit strong and water coming from sky, not drone weather

Hopefully I will get better weather some time this week I am going home on Friday

I hope you do, i got some video just hand held the drone.

If yiu do get the chance to fly get down to arrochar there is a disused torpedo testing range , i just could get to fly so i will have to go back later this year

Ok Well see if I can I am free Wednesday hopefully weather is going to be good

Any kuck flying?

Got 5 minutes to fly yesterday laggan dam
Then it started to rain video from phone

Then I went today started to snow