Article 16 - flying from driveway, house is outside of the Urban Boundary

Please see attached image to see my obvious tempting thought to be able to take off from my drive…

Explanation: My house is in a ribbon village (Postcode BB4 9PQ if you want to bring it up on Google).

As per the drawn circles, my questions are (under the allowances of Article 16 - BFMA member)

A) would you consider it ok for TOAL within the 15 meter allowance - providing I ascend to lets say 70m to give me the minimum 30m bubble.
B) Land to either side of the road is open countryside - however would you consider it polite to approach the farmer who owns the field to the right to let him know I would occasionally intend to fly? (or am I going to open a can of worms…)
C) The whole of the area covered by the image is outside of the local councils defined “Urban Boundary”. What’s the opinion on flying here based on TOAL from my driveway (including overflight at respectable height so as not to cause disturbance)?
D) I’ve done an Article 16 risk assessment for using the local green.

This is a somewhat test of what people consider would fall within the guidance of Article 16. I do of course have plenty of open country paths to get to within easy driving distance, but I’m sure you can see the desire to be able to do a quick fly every now and then from my own house without needing to drive.

Honest opinions valued. That’s why I joined the group :slight_smile:

To be safe, I’d maybe walk into one of the many fields that surround you, or walk to the end of your garden.

*article 16 would count your property as residential surely?

Thanks for you response @milkmanchris

Under 3.7 of Article 16 I would take it as section b “Any other suitable area, which is not a built-up area”

Is anyone likely to complain?

@milkmanchris In all honesty I don’t think anyone would notice and I get on well with the neighbours. I’ve been away for the Christmas holidays so not been back long enough to see any of them, but I think they would be happy especially if I offered to take a few pictures for them.

Ultimately I think you have your answer there

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