Article 16 question

Only been here a week but getting to grips with the wonderful world of what you need to do if your drone is >250g. I was advised to search thd site forums, which I did, but the info I found was 2 yrs old. And I used the good to go app, my understanding is that I can only fly in open countryside, and must keep 150m away from uninvolved persons and not overfly them. … But if I pay FPV £19.99, read their flying code manual and agree to follow it then at recreational sites ( a beach for example) I can overfly people at 30m , and get within 30m of them horizontally, reduced to 15m for take off and landing, but subject to having undertaken a risk assessment. I can also approach but not overfly residential, commercial and industrial areas. Finally if you choose to fly under the Article 16 rules the A2 C of C does not confer any additional scope, but is actually more restrictive, however, it could be considered as advantageous for the additional awareness that having studied it gives…snd I thought that learning to fly it would be the harx part

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bit more info here:

3.7 covers location.
3. 11 and 3.12 cover your other aspects

a beach may contain assemblies of people…and they are definitely uninvolved persons if there are any.

be careful with some beaches as they may contain SSSIs… find out what the SSSI is and document it on your risk assessment (keep it handy if asked)
also some may have frz … if they are crown estate you can fry between high and low tide water lines as crown estate foreshore… welcome to the fun of finding a quiet location to fly

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@robertspark , thanks for all that useful info, is there an app that you can use as flight assessment template, which can be saved as proof should it be required? Or does FPV have templates that can be printed and hand written?

sure there are others about

amend as you see fit as a competent pilot assessing the risks as you see them being applicable (a generic risk assessment is not worth wasting the ink on)

@robertspark , thanks again, much appreciated