Article 16 questions

Fair play they look great. I still find to fascinating that out of you blue I speak to someone that made a doc that I’ve been giving out a lot. Sorry if it sounds stupid. I just assumed Simon did them. Nice to speak to you.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

I’ve not done the fpv uk cofc myself yet but I do want to but I’ve have had no one that will do it for me.:+1:
I have the A2 cofc and I’m halfway through my GVC now. I started with helicopter over 20 years ago so have flying experience. Just need to slow down for the camera and fight the child in me to go full throttle. :rofl:

Gutted your link to other mentors and examiners is not working. It must be for members only because I can’t see it.:+1:

Membership has many benefits ;o)


Yes I’ve been a member for a while and remember when it was free and I did wonder why there was no payment back then. I have been considering it but I have to juggle my subscriptions I already have because I’m at my limit already. The insurance and my video editing package are the big ones but I do have other as well. I will work it out soon but I am stuck with what I’ve got at the moment. I need to sort my insurance out because I with 3 insurance companies believe it or not.
FPV UK and Moonrock for recreational flights and Coverdrone day cover for commercial endeavours so I am fully covered with public liability and cover for the drone itself. I will always have two anyway because I support fpv UK and what it’s about. So yes I will join soon I hope.:+1:

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How do I get myself on this list of mentors and examiners. Who do I need to speak to.:+1:

Someone will be in touch :+1:

Ok thanks it would be nice to have more people asking about it.