As good as Hangar?

After pestering @OzoneVibe to try and help with the Zante pano that I did he pointed me towards PTgui, so Ive had a little play today and the results in full auto with very little input from me look as good as Hangar.

First off is the original using Hangar

Then this was stitched using the Hangar images in PTgui and uploaded to Kuula

As always I welcome your critique, apologies for boring subject I took the bike out a couple of miles from home to grab this


You need the HTML code for it display here.


Certainly equally as good! :+1:

Damn thing didnt wanna copy and paste for me ;o( - the code that is

Mine was coding some characters, for some reason … I had to carefully edit to match.

Looks great. I like Kuula.

All we need now is find the best app to capture images to cut Hangar out the loop altogether.

I’ve had good results from Go4 … not tried Litchi for panos, yet.
Getting the exposure right is the trick.

I guess one can use Hangar without uploading to their servers …… IF you have iOS. #meh

I couldn’t get litchi images to stitch correctly. Tried on 2 occasions now and used both Lightroom and ICE.

A lot of people have great results with it.

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Challenge accepted …. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interested to see how you get on :wink:

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Just need some weather that doesn’t include rain, and preferably includes sun! So - next summer?


Hangar takes less photos than Go4, over half as many depending on the quad you are using, Litchi is good if you get the settings right, I’ve only tried 360 panos in Litchi with the Inspire.
I tend to use Hangar to take the photos and then edit the 360 image in either Kolor Autopano Giga, PhotoShop or Lightroom for stitching etc, not done any for a while now though.

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ICE works well … as do they all when each frame has good registration points. Manual works OK in PTGui … if there’s something to register manually. LOL
LOADS OF SEA is not an ideal frame! :wink:


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Yes, I’ve had problems with water quite a few times with 360’s

Water - grassy field with nothing other than grass … the direct down shots, usually.

I’ve managed to fudge a stich in ICE with that pic above. Might be a useful trick. I’ll post details when I’ve done some more tinkering.