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Just had some more of my drone footage used on TV. This time on Channel 4s A New Life In The Sun: Roadtrip Almeria.

They contacted me last May as one of the researchers had seen my footage from our Almeria holiday in 2019 on YouTube.

Link to the show…

Link to the original video…

Name in the end credits :white_check_mark:


Well done @AndyCortez top footage mate, the best :+1:🧑🏼‍✈:movie_camera:

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Your work is the level that I aspire to, brilliant stuff.

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Ahh cheers mate.
A lot of it is just thinking out your shots beforehand instead of flying without a plan (like most of us start off doing). I have a list of 8 shots on my phone to remind me. Wherever and whatever I’m filming, I always get those ones first.
Any shot over 7 seconds usually gets a speed ramp or jump cut to move it along and stop it getting boring, unless more things are regularly revealed throughout the shot.
Preparation and research is the key.


Hi Andy, yes you are correct, I did a 3 step course with BBC Drone Pilot Tom Middleton, I’m still guilty of doing it wrong, getting carried away but shorter clips are best to keep the audience engaged, reveals etc
Your filming skills are amazing you should do it commercially really!

Take care

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Cheers Mark.
Soon as I’ve earned enough here, I might just do that once I have some $$ behind me.
Still fancy being a police drone pilot chasing bad guys though :grin:

Nice one… and name in the credits means you can get yourself an IMDB page, no? :wink:

Can’t believe nobody from the @GADC_Committee has awarded you the prestigious ‘celebrity’ badge yet… :trophy:

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One of the best I have seen for a while well done

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Thanks John :+1:

I’m always on IMDb when the missus says “What’s she been in?” Really annoys her when I pause the programme/film :rofl:

Cheque in the post ?

The deal was done before the rule changes so I couldn’t charge for my footage, unfortunately.

Of course you could, unless the intended flight was commercial ?

To be perfectly honest, I fly for myself. I make a few quid with my vids being on YouTube so currently I’m happy. :+1: