As the nights draw in

I thought I would give the mavic a run out after the sun goes down, get a feeling of how it performs before bonfire night.
I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed in low light, I wasn’t expecting any usable footage due to the camera limitations.


I read somewhere that it’s best to turn off obstacle avoidance when flying in low light or dark conditions.

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The only problem I have flying at night is focus. For the life of me I can’t seem to get it right!

Pro tip - don’t use Strobon CREE LEDs at night. Works great for seeing the bird in the sky but try landing!! They’re so frickin bright you’ll be seeing spots for days!

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this looks fantastic :slight_smile: I’m assuming that you didn’t have any ND filters on?

Correct no ND filters

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I don’t have this problem with the lights, the trick is to be right under the craft. The lights wont dazzle you if they are not directly pointed at you.

Turning them on and off - that’s a whole different story - prepare to get blinded! lol

Just saw this, fabulous video, doesn’t seem to be too many limitations after all!

Brilliant (no pun intended!) video! :+1:
I’m guessing there was quite a bit of grading to get it to look this good?
Would love to know what settings you used!

Thanks @Rifleair for bumping this up the “Latest” list so that I noticed it. I didn’t join until about a month later, so hadn’t seen.

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