Ash Over Rock, Riber Castle and Matlock Bath


An excellent video, Frank! :+1:

That is just brilliant @Frank👍

Thank you Dave, I got up early this morning to go to them locations. Worth it though you can’t go wrong with today’s weather and and them Derbyshire views.


Thank you Mark, great locations for flying.

Will have to venture over sometime :+1:

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Ashover rock a truly great place to fly,and i can see it from my window,when staying in the family farmhouse.:+1::+1:will be there Christmas week,so,anybody fancy a meetup let me know…

We will be staying at Darwin Forrest in February, just down the road.


Ashover Rock and Riber castle lol

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@shane9377 I will be in Ashover over Christmas week,if you fancy a flight or two,weather permitting ,of course…:+1:

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I know mate bloody predictive text did it Shane, didn’t notice until after I posted it.:crazy_face:

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Edited! :+1:

Me too. But i will be staying a little longer than you lol …

just give the nod…

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Cheers Dave. :+1:t2:

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Great video Frank, got to get up there soon.

Yeah great area for it Chris. :+1: Cheers mate

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Haha yep you will😄

Great video Frank :+1::+1:

Cheers mate :+1: