Assembly queries for a novice

Hey all. Can someone help? I’ve gone and got myself an FPV source kit from unmanned tech. All going well, but the guide shows stack stand offs that are different from those supplied.


So the problem I’m having is that the bolts supplied to go through the frame are no way long enough to go thru the stack too, with the help of all those spacers.

Am I missing something simple here?

The flight controller is intended to be soft mounted. The pink grommets are the same as the blue ones in the first picture. You just need to squeeze the grommets through the holes in each corner of the board. Then the black plastic screws go through the bottom of the frame, then through the grommets, and then tightened up with the plastic nuts. You may find you have to squish the grommets a bit to tighten the nuts on the screws, this is intentional as the grommets under pressure reduce the vibrations to the control board.


I thought that, but I think these bolts are to short. You can see from this pic that there’s only about 7mm sticking above the base. Not enough for the stack and grommets…

I see what you mean now with the second board underneath. If you were to squish the grommets the underside of the top board could come into contact with the components on the lower board.


Yeah I have gone back to unmanned tech with the query. Grrr! Just want to get on with it…

Thanks for your help though!

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building a quad.pdf (2.2 MB)

Take a look at this that I wrote for dronezone let me know if you have questions

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Thanks! That’s handy… What I have not got is the stand offs. That’s what I need

I like the kakute fc’s. The gyro is soft mounted on the board so you can hard mount everything.

If you have a ticket number I will poke Cam with a stick to help you out

That’d be cool. I wanna get this sorted ASAP…

Ticket Id

Iv dropped him a message and asked him to pop over this way

Hey, that’s great! He’s on the forum? And to think I’ve bought stuff from bang good… The shame of it…

He’s not yet but I’m working on it

Don’t forget we’ve got an exclusive bulk-order discount scheme in place with Unmanned Tech if a few GADC members get together before ordering :+1:t2:

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Cam is shipping me some staff offs. Problem solved

Woo hoo. He’s a good lad

That he is @Wyntrblue , and he’s seemingly everywhere :wink:

Hey Cam welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Mission accomplished

Does this mean we can just say ‘hey @UnmannedCam can I get a new quad pls?’ now… instead of having to go to all the hassle of switching sites…? In-chat purchases, the way of the future! You thinkz it… You haz it