Assuming it's dry tomorrow

I might fly in the morning. No idea where, but shortlist is Chesterfield Bando, the place out at Stoney Middleton, maybe that place Yith flies out in Derbyshire, or possibly the mining museum outside Bakewell (although I honestly don’t fancy going out that far, like maybe 30 min max drive). Only taking my 85mm whoop and 6-10 2S packs, maybe fly for an hour.

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You guys have all the best spots

I would of joined you Matt but Iv got to move my Dad into his new place :frowning_face:

Hence why Im all gunned up for next friday and a good few hours in Matlock

It’s fine.

I might hit the quarry out at Stoney. It’s quiet and I should be able to fly a few packs without getting bothered. Or maybe do the explore I wanted to do last month and find the second area.

Would do, but got loads to do tomorrow.

It’s fine, after some hospital fun I might have to not go, so I may just put it on hold. What is this meetup on Friday?

Thought you lived somewhere down Coventry way? You have so many spots down there and within 40-50 miles. Almost all the major bandos seem to be down that neck of the woods.

What we have are scenic spots, but so much NT owned land patrolled by the hired gestapo (sorry park rangers). We also have some bandos and some interesting spots I’ve been looking at, like a castle ruin near Mansfield.

One place I want to fly at this year if I can find a friend to fly with is maybe Llanberis Castle. Another is the Brickworks on Anglesey. Sometime this summer I want to do both. :slight_smile:

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Parys Mountain might be nice while you’re out that way, too. For scenic stuff.

Yeah I think three of the locations that Magic covered in a video a couple of months back are places I would like to fly. i think Parys Mountain was one of them.

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There are some awesome places in North Wales.

Definitely up for a road trip in that direction at some point

This was the footage that whet my appetite for North Wales

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Llanberis castle is pretty high on my list and Llangollen Castle. Also on the road between Devil’s Bridge and Rhayader (Elan Valley) are some nice spots around the old slate mining sites.

Ynyslas dunes north of Aberystwyth would be good for anyone wanting to add a 2-3 mile LR flight to their belt. If you launched early morning from the hill overlooking the beach (above Borth village), you have about 3 mile LoS to the other end. Even better if you have someone at the other end to grab it so you don’t need to fly it back.

But Anglesey looks pretty sweet for nice spots, away from people.

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Tagging @notveryprettyboy

I do have holidays coming up in May :+1:


If you guys are planning on flying Ynyslas, the estuary (next to them) that heads up to Mach has been known to be used by the RAF for low height training. But i have never seen them fly over the sandy beach, or the sea. They tend to exit the estuary and head North towards Anglesey, or in the past head out to sea and go South presumably to the range down towards Cardigan.

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