At Swim One Dog


Probably me but I can’t play the video ?

Dogzilla looks like she’s loving that tennis ball Rob :star_struck: will she be making the trip for the Big Meet this weekend?

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Not just you Keith, says my browser can’t play the video in the embedded window but if you click on the title it should take you to the app/website

Thank you. Looking at that, I am glad I’m not a tennis ball. Lovely to see a dog playing off lead like that.

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The video has a play icon in the centre of the image, Click on that and nothing appears to happen. Stop swearing and click it a second time. Then it should work - at least that’s what I have to do.

She’s been saving her pocket money for the last couple of months but still hasn’t got enough for a decent drone. So we hope you guys may be kind and let her try FPV.

She’s done her DMARES …


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Not for me.

Click on the title works

Never mind great to see her enjoying herself

Any problems with other videos?

What device, browser and OS version?

No other problems.

Watching the Swiss (hopefully beat France) on tablet, so can’t say about tablet but Samdung S10 on latest firmware, both chrome and Firefox.

I’ll check tablet in a minute, well, 3 minutes 14 secs.

Just checked Tablet. S5e running latest OS etc. Chome and same issue.

Plays OK on both devices now.

Plays fine for me on desktop.

Android brings up error

I haven’t changed anything in the way I send the *.mp4 to YouTube.

will investigate …