Attitude Indicator points wrong way on iPad

This is weird and I can’t seem to fix the problem. The attitude indicator at the lower left part of the DJI Go 4 screen on iPad often points in the wrong direction – say, 90 deg or more. It’s some circumstances it can become terribly difficult to tell which way the aircraft is facing.

The attached screenshot, although taken indoors, does illustrate how the attitude indicator is pointing to the 5 o’clock position whereas the aircraft is pointing to 2 o’clock.

As I rotate the M2Z the arrow rotates with it OK, just not pointing where the front of the aircraft is pointing.

I always power-up the controller first then the Mavic. I’ve tried changing the order of app startup, data cable plug-in but I can’t pin down a fix. Once or twice unplugging the data cable and plugging back in has worked but most times it doesn’t.

I’ve recalibrated the compass umpteen times and even the IMU but nowt seems to work.

Has anyone else experienced this or can suggest a remedy?


The “N” position is at the 3 o’clock - so it is pointing at the same 2 o’clock in relation to North.

So - the question is, why is the indicator not “N at the top”. I can’t answer that - but there must be a way of reorienting it.

All ways thought mine looked a bit off but never really thought about it😀

OK - having powered mine up (I rarely use that indicator) the “N” aligns with the direction North is relative to the phone/tablet …. so this will change as you do.
If you face North, then it all lines up with the map.

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Here’s my understanding of the issue - Happy to be corrected :wink:
I’m pretty sure It’s because of magnetic interference from the controller - the sticks use some sort of hall-effect to determine your input. This interferes with the compass in the phone.
So, the AC is pointing the right way - but the phone is reporting it’s heading incorrectly, (the Phone I mean).

The ‘N’ in the Attitude indicator moves in relation to you phone - this can help you make sure you’re pointing at the AC from the ground when at the limits of VLOS which can be very helpful when using an aftermarket directional antenna.

(This is based on me having several of the Mavic controllers apart - there appears to be a sensor under each stick)

I’ve checked this by removing my iPhone from the controller while it’s still connected - as soon as it gets approx 1" of separation from the phone the compass heading swings around and points the right way.

Also - when I’ve used my iPad, the compass bearing on the Attitude indicator was spot on - I assume because the iPad was in a holder mounted several inches away from the controller.


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Just checked - and, yes, it does move slightly, but only about 10 degrees, either way, max.

Using my iPhone 8+ I get a 90+ degree distortion - everytime!
(I don’t usually worry too much - as long as the AC is pointing at the correct heading :wink: )

As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to not get an iPhone - you just added one to the list. :wink:


It looks to me if the GPS antenna is out of alignment?.
I had a similar problem when I change my GPS Antenna Puck in my Phantom 2 Plus.
I had to re-orientate the chip to give the right direct.
Was a sod to sort out !!.
If it was me I would send the bird back !.
that’s my 2 penneth.

Why can North not be to the right of the phone/tablet?

I bet if you were to rotate the chip (not that it’s easy to get at in the bird!!)
90 degrees to the left, bet I would cure it !.
It’s strange that it is near enough 90 degrees to the right?.

But as I rotate my phone the North changes - whilst the map does not.

…And the AC will keep its relative position to N


I must dig out my old video I made of changing the GPS Antenna I put up on Youtube.
It must have been 3 or 4 years ago when I was heavily into Modding the early Phantom range for peeps.
I do remember the chip had to be mounted exactly in the right place in order for the Bird to give the correct Compass heading.
I do remember that the round board that mounted in top of the phantom HAD to be re-positioned due to the extra thickness of the chip.
The only way this could be achieved was to rotate the chip on the board, then re-orientate the board mount on the Phantom.
Right arsehole job that took me ages to figure out why the arrow orientate (attitude) was out of alignment with the controller/phone.
Just saying…

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But nothing appears incorrect with the a/c heading … as per @DTH post.
It’s pointing to the NE-ish in both the map and the indicator.

Its been a while but seem to remember there is a way to lock the indicator with north at top.

Have you tried tapping the N?

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It rotates with the phone orientation to North.

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This movement is just me standing and twisting a bit … and correctly indicates that I was facing an average of West. (528.3 KB)

Are you twisting the Mavic or the controller?

Does GO4 use phone compass to show orientation relative to aircraft?

Mine has always been north at top but my iPad has no compass.

Edit - it must have a compass, I’m talking rubbish